Brass Balls 2013

We have been putting some thought into our annual rides and came to the conclusion that one in February and another in October just wasn't enough what with 8 months between them the gap was just too damn big so we came up with the Brass Balls (Xmas in July) run.

So with the reason for the run sorted it was off to Kempsey via the Motorcycle Museum in Nabiac (and that's a place well worth a look) to see Dingo's new home, well it will be when he renovates the entire thing. Currently it's a huge shed and a lot of land, seemingly overrun by mutant Zombie Kangaroos that are hell bent on the destruction of mankind and to that end we spent much time trying to convince Dingo's missus that we should get out the guns and sort those flesh eating monsters out. We knocked back a few ales, lit a bonfire and tried, in vain it subsequently turned out, to construct significant explosive devices whilst we did get a fizz and flash we got no BOOM. (of course none of that really happened and has just been added to make good reading, really ocifer I promise on me grandma's grave)

Friday morning saw us hit the road for Bendemeer and to pick up the lads from Qld and head over to Manilla for a BBQ and a party, thanks to Rob and New England boys once again for their hospitality. Next morning we took off for Gunnedah and another party, it's a tough life but someone's gotta do it and to that end thanks to Pete, Rusho and the crew in Gunnedah for Saturday night, we'll see you in April eh.

The trip for all of us was around 1800klms, except for Dak who went back to Sydney with Ding and picked up his new Victory Cross Roads making his trip around 3000klms, apparently he rode straight home from Sydney and still hasn't stop smiling. Apart from a couple of luggage mishaps, mine of Wednesday heading to Sydney and Dings on Sunday heading home we had another pearler of a weekend with plenty of stories to tell but the only way you'll know what they are is to be part of our next run it aint for the feint hearted or those that only like ride their shiney bikes in the warm sunshine.

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