You wanna stick that where!!!!

Who woulda thunk that BB15 would come around so fast and only 12 months since the last one hahahahahaha

Firstly, the weather let’s get it over with it rained A LOT weather report over.

I headed out on Wednesday to meet the rest of the ACT crew on the highway and the ride wasn't bad and certainly not living up to the Brass Balls moniker with temps hovering around 5-6 degrees. We picked up a couple of "get out of gaol free" cars and all was going well until Billy decided to change down a gear to get past a slow poke, what should have been a simple task seems to have created all sorts of mechanical mischief in the gear box which to this day (10 days later) is yet to be diagnosed with Victory Sydney scratching their collective arses and hoping it will simply get better all on its own. I have to say I love my Victory as does Billy but anything more than a basic tune up in Sydney seems to cause problems, thank god we shall soon not have to travel 600klms just to get work done with a dealer opening much closer to home in October well nuff of that and on with the show.

Billy jumped in the backup vehicle which was being driven by Swoop due to his bike parting company with any semblance of reliability at 1am on a shakedown run after just being finished that day. Back to uneventful nonsense until the Mooney Mooney bridge just out of Sydney, we pulled up to wait for Ding and got a call from Billy letting us know that he and Swoop were still in Sydney and kinda lost-ish hahahahaha when they all finally arrived we headed off to meet up with Cliff in Maitland for a break, a beer or 10 and some great laughs and very little sleep. We got back on the road around 8am Thursday and headed off to Kempsey for an afternoon of silliness, load noises, a beer or 20 and a little more sleep
(this extra sleep was to prove important as you will see soon) and an introduction to Brave brave brave Sir Robin

Friday saw more bloody rain and a quick 400klm jaunt over to Gunnedah to meet up with Shane, Pete, Beardy and the rest of the lads. Now 40klms out of Gunnedah Bender decided to stop for a smoke, I pulled up and asked him what he was doing to which he responded just having a smoke and he would catch up....famous last words those....we were all ensconced in a pub in Gunnedah when Swoop sends me a message saying "the cops have got Bender pulled up on the side of the road" apparently Bender tried to catch up but only managed to catch a 29klms over and no number plate ticket (his number plate busted off the day before) I believe the total was in the vicinity of $550 hmm guess stopping for a smoke wasn't such a great idea eh but he is making a habit of this as he did get a ticket on Brass Balls 2014 so he's only improving his batting average after all and I can't wait for next year cos based on his history the next lot should see him locked up and his bike impounded, better luck next year mate.

We pulled into our digs for the night at around 5pm and thought we would be having a pretty quiet night and I immediately set my bed up on a long comfy lounge so I could have a few drinks something to eat, a few laughs with great company and a good nights sleep OMG was I wrong!! Not about the company, drinks or food but the sleep bit was way off hahahahaha the night didn't end until about 11pm Saturday for most but I was one of the healthy ones. Upchuck (formally known as Dan) earned his name, Dingo was very lively but seriously messy, John got stepped on numerous times whilst I believe Mustard slept under the pool table which, as it turned out was a smart move as he didn't get stepped on at all. Now I must give a big nod to young Upchuck as at about midnight we were asked who wanted to go into town to the nightclub, yes my friends Gunnedah has a nightclub. I immediately suggested our youngest should "represent" so a few of us got together put some cash in his hand wished him luck and sent him on his way, we shall never know exactly what happened but funnily enough he doesn't seem quite so young anymore and I do remember hearing someone say "hey we're only up because of you" referring to Upchuck and then the sound of people attempting to drag him out of his swag at, I believe 4:30am.He fought them off bravely and finally got an hours sleep which is probably more than Dingo.

Everyone was up and about around 7 with much shenanigans going on in the Clubhouse and before Upchuck could (upchuck that is) we were treated to a great breakfast, said our goodbyes and headed off to Binnaway and toward the road of much pain. If you have ever travelled the roads of rural NSW you will understand that in some spots our what can only laughingly be referred to as highways are little more than goat tracks made of tar interspersed with huge holes and small mountains designed to cripple the unwary. What I don't understand is why the worst parts are all hidden in shady spots in dips on bends that seem intentionally positioned to do their best to kill any motorcyclist stupid enough to think he or indeed she is safe. So here we were all travelling along at exactly the speed or below, it's true officer I swear it (except for Bender of course cos he's just a naughty boy) when I happened across what could be best described as Mount Menace which immediately attempted to drive my spine straight up through my skull, oh the joy of motorcycles.

We arrived at the Red Pub (not sure what the real name is but everyone refers to it as The Red Pub cos its red, true look at the photos, so that'll do for me) at Binnaway around 10:30am and there were 20-30 bikes already there with smiles all round, some old friends were greeted and new ones made. The Warrumbungle Riders, as usual put on a great ride and we will always be there to support their July Poker Run as part of our annual Brass Balls rides. Damn it was actually sunny too and even a little warmish so everyone was in for a great day and night with the Bunglers organising entertainment when the sun went down and we seem to have found a new home with the Red Pub as well which has plenty of beds a great vibe and what can be best described as a secret garden (want to know more cya next year, come and ask and I'll show ya).

The 800 odd klm run home on Sunday was pretty uneventful but to be fair it did get bloody cold approaching Boorowa with the run finally living up to the Brass Balls moniker.  Will we do it again next year? YOU BET YA.

We had an almost full contingent this year with only Scruff missing due to work commitments and Noddy missing due to rather uncomfortable medical issues which encouraged us to become inventive in the joke department and gave me the name for this feature.  Thanks mate you weren’t there but trust me we included you constantly but always with sensitivity, love and thoughtfulness I’m sure it was a pain in the arse not being able to make the run but we are all happy to see you up and about and feeling better mate and we’ll cya in October eh.

As always when one run is dusted then we start planning for next year so stay tuned for details about Brass Balls 2016.

If you want any details or simply want to contact us drop us a line at

In closing there are a few people I must thank, firstly all the boys from the Gladiators MC Maitland & Gunnedah for their incredible hospitality, see you all again soon and of course the Warrumbungle Riders.  If you live in or around the Coonabarabran region look up the “Bunglers” they are a top group of people that we have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last 7 years and without their help our February Poker Run wouldn’t be a patch on what it is and of course our Brass Balls ride would just be cold. 

Which leads me to a quick plug for next February or “I’ve Binnaway 9 years” get your collective arses over to Binnaway in February 2016 cos not only is it a pearler of a run in nice warm weather BUT each year the pot has grown nicely with 2015 hitting the $1000 and of course it’s WINNER TAKES ALL so book it in.  There is some accommodation available in Binnaway but it is limited so if you want to stay get in early and trust me staying is where it’s at cos when it gets dark out in the West the nutters come out to play including, but not restricted too that most unusual of night creepers the local lesbocop.

Sons of Aus