So where the hell did you go on the weekend eh??
Well we have once again


2008 was fun, 2009 was a blast, 2010 was great, 2011 was a pearlier what does 2012 have in store? guess you'll have to wait to find out eh will.

This year we were a little light on leaving home as some of the boys actually have jobs that require they sometimes travel and what with the floods in Qld and a couple of incidents overseas it saw just me and Dingo head off to Binnaway via Cowra and Molong. We picked up Ding and Wazza (from Sydney) in Molong and am happy to report that our favourite copper from last year was not out looking for us filthy bikies but rather polishing the glazing on his donuts or some other no doubt vitally important task that country copper have like investigating sheep shaggers and the like. After we attacked a hamburger at the Molong bakery and a couple of beers (light off course officer) at the pub across the road we were off and after stopping at a couple more pubs we finally arrived in Binnaway at around 4pm. The Qld boys Noddy, Custard, Chook, Captain and mustard were there to greet us along with our favouriter barmaid from Wagga Denise and her fella Baz. Billy couldn't make it this year so there were no big trips to the verandah although there a couple of small ones. Friday night saw us meeting up with the local lads which was handy really given that Chooks forks shit emselves and he was in desperate need of parts and tools. The locals arranged for parts to be picked up and delivered to Binnaway along with the tools, the expertese and the space to carry out the repairs. This year more than any other their hospitality proved a lifesaver and was once again greatly appreciated.

Friday night saw us partying with the locals and while i admit at the time the idea of shots of Wild Turkey seemed a good idea as it got later some found their boots somewhat wobbly and of course my wallet somewhat somewhat lighter hahahaha.

Saturday saw us off for a ride to take in the local scenery (see pubs) and then back to Binnaway for much more of the same from Friday night, grog, food talking crap and finally geeting off to sleep before it got too bloody late. Chook did stay out late though and the next morning he and the Captain looked very 'overdone' just as well they only had to ride 700 klms that day, any more would have killed em.

We said our goodbyes and all headed off home in different directions vowing to do much better next year.

So if you haven't been to Binnaway i have it on good authority that next years 5th Anniversary run is going to a blinder.

I lost me memory card so lost all my photos but luckily Mustard is much beeter organised so here for your viewing pleasure are some shots and video he took enjoy...TILL NEXT YEAR CYA

Just out and about, still shaky but better than last year.

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