So where the hell did you go on the weekend eh??
Well we have


What can I say, I could say you missed a great ride and 2 nights of partying, but I wont. Ah stuff it yes I will.
You missed a great ride and 2 nights of fine partying!!! cya next year.

The trip started off very nicely, beautiful weather, good mates and 320kilos of angry British meat between my legs. Oh that would be the Rocket not my knob which, whilst it is indeed a beast even 1 could not get away with saying it weighed more than 3.2kg. Anyhow enough of my huge manhood now where was I up too? ah that's right...mmm bright sunny day, mates, bikes, beer oh I hadn't mentioned the beer bit yet had I? ah well we are bikers afterall so the beer had to come in somewhere. We headed off through Boorowa and stopped in Cowra to see our mate Sal. For those of that don't know Sal she pretty much single-handedly ran the Cowra Custom Car and Bike Show for many years. So after a quick hello we headed off for Molong to pick up one of our mates from Sydney and another from Wagga, this is where our trip got a little more interesting.

Who would have thought that all it would take to spoil a great day if for one little bumpkin cop who is still pissed that he was caught behind the cells beating himself up to step up and say "I'll be your wanker today" (or in this case piss us off and give us a laugh). As we pulled into the servo at Molong, one of our lads who was driving his car (accident is keeping off his bike for long trips at the moment) noticed that the local highway patrol had pulled up across the road and was checking us out. I mean we must have cut a pretty menacing picture, 1 Harley, 1 BMW chook chaser, 1 Triumph and a Suzuki Swift guess he thought he was going to see some action. We of course went over to the local cafe and had a burger and then over to the pub for a quick beer. When we left we were much scarier as now we had a Suzuki Marauder and a Buell as well. When you pull onto the highway at Molong there is a right hand bend that is long enough for you to loose sight of the car 100mtrs behind us. As the bikes went around we lost sight of the car for a few seconds and thats when our mate the copper decides he is going to pull the car over and say "I have reason to believe you have drugs and I intend to search the vehicle". So after a discussion it turns out that our mate, Sgt Plod believe that we must have stocked all our drugs in the car so that if we we're checked we would have nothing. But he outsmarted us and let us go so he could look in the car but, we outsmarted him as we didn't have anything to declare as they say. So it held us up because we stopped and waited a while, you know what it's like your just in the zone, all you wanna do is ride. So after stopping for a while we went back for the car (which then passed us going the other way BASTARD!!!!!).

Next stop Gulgong and the Commercial Hotel here we had to have a longer break because, to be honest, the beer was yummy. Then into Binnaway to meet our mates from Queensland who had apparently been holding up the bar for us (so we were 2 hrs late ok) we then explained about the copper who pulled us up, the roadworks, the bee stings and all that. Must admit we didn't freely give the up the info abouts the pubs we stopped at though.

Friday night was Pub night which consisted of us playing load music, playing pool, drinking beer, talking shit and generally having a blast. Saturday was an impromptu "There can be only one" with some nice spending money changing hands. Saturday night was Friday night on another night if you get my drift. Until, that is until about 8pm when we caught up with some local friends that we only get to see once a year so needless to say consisted of excess for most and way over the top for a couple 'you know who you are'.

The locals on both sides of the Intersection looked after us nicely thanks again to the lads for Saturday night and also to the barmaids at the pub who kindly flashed their tits on Saturday night.

Binnaway is a little town near Collie in Western NSW, it has 2 pubs, but I must admit we only use one and that's because the first time we came to Binnaway in 2008 a biker owner the Pub and they have always looked after us. We stay at The Barracks which is a excellent place to kick back and do your own thing, it has beds for 36 a huge kitchen with 2 fridges and a big lounge area also there is verandah on the back that overlooks the railway line (no trains though) but most important is the privacy there is no one there but you so you can go about your business without being bothered by unwanted guests all for $25.00 per night or $35.00 if you want a room to yourself.

Why do we go to Binnaway? because it a nice town with nice people and we love the name. So I will end the line that started this

So where the hell did you go on the weekend eh?? Well we have


I know I said I was finished but I need to say one last thing to Louis's daughter who was so entertaining on Friday night at the pub "We are all thinking about you darling toot toot" hahaha.

The photos below are in no particular order sorry

Bob kickin back in Binnaway

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