Is it really 5 years since 3 of us went over to Binnaway for the 2008 Nyngan Poker Run? now obviously that's a rhetorical question. Well not much has changed over the last 5 years other than the numbers going increasing nicely and for the first time this year we had involvement from a small but enthusiastic group of locals (thanks Lads for the present, it sits proudly on the back of my helmet) and cya in October eh!!.

There have been all sorts of weather problems recently, the biggie being lots of flooding in between Brisbane and Coolah and many roads severely damaged, including the New England Highway which caused some problems for Charlie and Noddy. Unfortunately we lost most of the Qld contingent before they got to Binnaway, Charlie had problems on the New England and limped off to Sydney, Noddy lost a few necessary bits from his Deuce with 1 piece getting caught between the belt and the pulley and chopping the belt up this saw Noddy return to Brisbane (much to his disgust) Chook .....Well we're still looking for Chook either he went home without telling anybody or was abducted by aliens and is currently being probed somewhere in Nth NSW. What we can say is Mustard made it and cemented himself in the SoA book of fame (mainly as he had all the grog and we were bloody thirsty LOL). The boys wanna mention the hospitality extended to them once again by Rob from White Skull Tattooing in Manilla, it was much appreciated thanks Rob we'll see you again next year.  Seems like we are making a habit out of needing Rob's mechanical skills, last year Chooks bike was attempting to disengage it's front end and this year, with some help from the potholed roads Noddy needed some assistance reattaching bits to his bike (hmmm two years, two bikes, both with bits falling off, both Harleys I think I see a pattern here) just for the record all the British built bikes made it (well I am sure Charlie would have made it) with everything still attached, although their riders could be considered unhinged.

For the ACT contingent the day started grey but dry at 6.15am. By the time we got to Yass the grey had turned to black and visibility had dropped to about 3 metres so to say 'it was hairy' is a huge understatement! If it wasn't for the brake lights on the truck directly in front of us we would have been all over the shop being able to see them kept us in our lane. The rain was nasty but short lived and by Boorowa it was hot, humid, somewhat slippery and dry-ish. We picked up Ding in Molong at 10.30 and headed straight to the bakery and then the Imperial Hotel to wash breakfast down.  Before we could even agree that the beer was indeed beautiful 'the nod' got nodded (you know the one, the one that tells you shut up, time to go) and we were off. We got to Coolah right on time to meet Mustard and to wait for Wazza and Goldie to arrive from Cessnock I got a message that they were only 50klms away but due to the severe storm they were stuck for a while and we agreed to meet in Binnaway. We hit Binnaway and headed straight to the Royal Hotel to wash away the road grime, I'll have you know it's a long way from Coolah to Binnaway must be at least 50klms so we needed a drink ok and we had to wait for the lads.  Strangely though when they arrived I noticed their bikes seemed to be very dry for a couple a guys who had supposedly come through a storm. I reckon the beer was real good were they were and the only wet liquid was being consumed by them rather than being poured on them.

Once everyone arrived Billy raced down and sorted our accommodation, apparently he suffers from a rare medical condition whose symptoms can only be alleviated by a good spell on the porch or as we call em here in Binnaway 'The verandah'. Luckily the Barracks has two, one out front for the bikes and the one round back not for the bikes.  If by chance you are ever in Binnaway give Pat a call regarding staying at the Barracks and with beds at $35.00 PP is damn good value too. So off to the Barracks to unpack, fill the fridge, engineer some very simple but necessary tools for our stay grab a beer from the aforementioned fridge and so sit on the back verandah. The rest of the night was, I must admit a little blurry and when I noticed that Billy was a strange shade of grey (not his usual shade mind you) everyone came to the conclusion that if Billy was fucked up then it must be late indeed and we drifted off to try and squeeze in a snooze before the Poker Run the next day.

The heavens opened around 4 in the morning and dumped enough water to make Noah happy but by 5.45 the rain had gone and the sun was trying to poke it's head out. Ding and I stumbled outside at about 6 to find Mustard had had a truly novel idea on how to best clean the inside of his car.  Unfortunately the water did not come with 3 illegals from the local 'Hand Car Wash'  and as there was no soap in the rain leaving the window open, upon reflection was probably not one of Mustards finest ideas.  But on the upside it was warm the next day so it dried out - eventually.  Not be to outdone Dingo left his boots outside to dry out from the day before (big mistake hahahahaha). We headed over to the only servo in Binnaway with its single pump and smiling owner, note if you have a big group of bikes don't all go to the servo together you'll be a while. We headed back to the Pub and waited for the local lads to join us and as it was a pub and an open one at that we had a sherbert or two but to be honest drinking certainly wasn't on the top of my things to do list unlike your mum (but that's a different story).  We headed out for the Mountain View hotel in Tooraweenah where I decided to investigate why the hell it was called Mountain View when the biggest thing you can see from the front of the pub is the kids swings across the road in the park.  I was assured that there was a mountain there somewhere but it must be quote "hidden behind the trees" hmm odd these hillbillies.   From there it was on to Gilgandra for lunch and a quick beer and then on to Mendooran where we apparently scared some nuns so much they couldn't get out of the pub quick enough. Then a quick blast back to Binnaway where a wayward wallaby and I had a brief but intimate discussion on road usage at 150 (obviously this statement is made for shock value only as I nor any other Son ever rides in excess of the legal, signposted speed limit, with of course the exception of Chook who has no idea what he is doing most of the time at all anfd therefore cannot be held responsible for anything he says or does).  Over to the pub for the last card and then back to the Barracks for a quiet night watching House and Garden and drinking tea, well that's almost right except for the tea and House and Garden bit. Wazza and Swoop decided around 9pm that they would find out if the old railway yard water towers still held water, one apparently was very smelly and pretty empty but the other was full of what appeared to be clean water so they came back changed their gear and went for a swim (in the dark, 30 mtrs up a wet vertical ladder wearing thongs) they came back down about 45 minutes telling us how nice it was up there which was just as well as Wazza had dropped his camera in the tank and as there is a few feet of silt at the bottom he couldn't find it, did I say it was dark? to be fair Waz had a glow stick tied round his neck so he had some light I guess.  The next morning Wazza had to go swimming again but this time the frost was on the meadow and it was bloody chilly.

Other stuff happened that should never be made public but that's what makes these runs so great nuff to say fly be free isn't something you should just expect from a bird

So We've Binnaway 5YRS and now it's time to sit back start planning for next year and another bash at Binnaway.The only thing left to ask is



Details on our 2013 run can be  requested from admin@sons-of-aus.com

And for one last photo that just shows that some of us are ALL CLASS!!! As it should be.

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