at BINNAWAY 2013

This year dawned bright and clear for our annual pilgrimage to Binnaway and as with anything that is so enjoyable (and what could be more enjoyable than riding and partying with yer mates eh) is what was once a 2 day trip has now been stretched out to 4 with us leaving early Thursday morning and heading off for a night in Manilla with some friends before heading over to Binnaway on the Friday. Took us a little longer than usual as we (see me) thought this year we would avoid the highways and go over the mountain via Oberon and before I go any further I accept full responsibility for that choice of route and needless to say will not be suggesting that plan next year. The scenery was lovely but the road had more bumps than a Chikito although that didn't seem to slow down Swoop and Dick too much eh fellas

We finally made Manilla by around 5 and there was quite a crowd waiting to welcome us with cold beer, warm beds and hot food including our Lone Qld rider Noddy and the ever present Mustard in the backup vehicle (actually more like the fridge but backup vehicle will do). Once again I would like to thank Rob and the boys for their hospitality in opening their house to us, great setup and we will be back maybe next year I'll even get a game on that beautiful full sized snooker table. We packed up our gear early Friday morning, said our goodbyes to Rob and headed off to Binnaway via a couple of pubs of course 'hey it is a little over 200klms you know'. We got into Binnaway near lunchtime and headed on over to The Barracks to get our gear stowed and equipment unpacked, after a quick stop at the Royal Hotel. It just wouldn't do to go past a pub especially one that has such nice beer and most importantly was open, that would be just plain rude (yeah yeah my story and I'm gunna stick to it) unlike last year there were no weather issues to deal with other than getting out of the sun so plenty of sun-screen was used to ward off sun burn, remember there is nothing healthy about a tan (just threw that in to look responsible, I mean my arms are as black as a dead dingo's donger. Couldn't help it sorry & a special thanks go to Mr Dick Smith for reintroducing that pearl of wisdom into the Australian vernacular). Friday was spent relaxing on the Verandah and Dingo, not the dead one, very kindly put his chef's hat on and fed everyone with his usual flair and good humour. Later it was time for the floor show and on top of his dinner efforts once again Dingo was the star, nuff to say you had to be there because there are just not enough words to adequately describe his talents although at one stage I thought most everyone was going to have a coronary (he may not look it but he is one funny guy). As per usual the Barracks were first rate with super comfortable beds and even a new flatscreen TV in the lounge and we had a blast and will keep going back as long as they'll have us.

Saturday dawned bright and we headed off the pub to see what the day would bring, well to say that we where mighty impressed with the local turnout would be the understatement of the century. The pub put on breakfast and just as well they did with the 35 starters for the Run seeing the pot at $700 for the winner. We had riders from as far afield as Bribie Island and even one young lady who had broken both her hands a few days earlier (in a bike smash) turned up with her man to go on the run now I dunno bout you but that is pretty damn hardcore. Scruff, Rawlo and Daz did a brilliant job of organising the pubs and the run and looks like they got a job for life there, the boys and I would like to once again thank you all for your input, without you guys it just wouldn't be the same. Next year we hope more people will stay for the 'after party' but as with anything it takes a while to get into people heads what's going on so look out next year, our target is to break the $1000 pot and when you consider it's Winner Takes All!!! that's no small bundle and certainly pays for your weekend. Saturday night is usually our quiet-ish one but given Swoop didn't think he should carry his bottle of Bourbon home he gave it a massive nudge and subsequently paid the price on Sunday morning. Sunday saw us hit the road to our respective homes with huge grins and thoughts of planning for next year and on the way home to show how conservative we are we only stopped at 1 pub or was it 2 hahahahaha

So another weekend has been put to bed with 1790klms travelled and many stories told and some things happening destined to make it into legend. We would like to thank the New England Comanchero MC for their hospitality on Thursday night, Scruff, Rawlo and Daz from the Warrumbungle Riders for all their hard work to put together the run (if you want to see the photos they took 123 of em to be precise have a look at their Facebook page) the Namoi Valley Gladiators MC and all the locals for their attendance on the Saturday because without you guys we certainly wouldn't have anything but hangovers to look back on. So be on notice if you want to know what getting 'Dingoed' actually is pull yer fingers out and get to Binnaway 15 February 2014 to see what it's all about.

What a bloody artistic and talented lot those guys in the Sunshine State eh. Check out 'The Colonel' (Mustard) video below he's gettin better and betterer even

Not much I can say about The Colonel but for god's sake don't let him smell your pizza
The video is up and running ONYA Mustard
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