The Hills have EYES

We saw this "Creepy Man" starring out the window of the Post Office Hotel in the middle of Bumfuck NSW, sorry mate just dirty bikies here no kiddies for you to "talk" too hahahahahahahahahahaha


It seems that each run leaves a little earlier and Binnaway 2014 was just such an case, "Let's leave Friday" then "nah let's leave Thursday afternoon" then "Let's leave Thursday morning" well we left at 2pm Wednesday arvo (it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. Now on with the story!

As you can see it started being dark and gloomy for us on the Wednesday arvo but a quick beer or two and off we went to pick up Ding in Molong. We got pissed on for about 40 minutes but at least skins waterproof and we got into Molong round 5 or so and Billy, our accommodation dude set about getting us rooms at the Telegraph Hotel and after a quick sherbet Ding turned up from Sydney wetter than nympho's box but hey beats working. After a quiet night in Molong we headed out for Manilla and a night with Rob and the "Free Hogs" (ya had to be there I guess) thanks once again for the hospitality guys and a big thanks to Rob for sorting out Billys new ink. Friday we headed over to Binnaway to start partying in earnest, seems the happy welcome we have received for the last 7 years at the Barracks has paled (maybe the anti-bikie sentiment has finally affected country NSW) and this year we were treated bloody shabby and will no longer be staying there, their loss I guess as we ALWAYS looked after the place. Up side is we will be staying at the Shiralee in town and will be opening the back bar for our parting on both Friday and Saturday nights to invited guests only of course (young attractive ladies particularly welcome) shit all ladies welcome hahahahahaha

Saturday was a pearler with the Warrumbungle Riders once again doing a great job in setting out the route (not to be confused with root) for the run and lunch, we'll be back in July to enjoy their Poker Run keep your eyes pealed for that one. The Vagabonds MC came down from Brisbane and what a great bunch of guys they are I am sure that we will party a lot more with them in the future, look the day was great the nights were huge and we are looking forward to Binnaway 2015 (number 8) but before that rolls around we Brass Balls in July and we'll be heading back to the cupboard for our 5th year at Taylors Arm.

This is going to be our last photo taken at the Barracks but what a buzz us and some members of the Vagabonds MC Brisbane just kicking back and enjoying
Only in the country would you see Bonox being advertised shit I didn't know it was even made any more

You know every run the guys tell me they will send me their photos and do they? well yeah but it's usually a few months later so I might add some more photos here as time goes on, but for Christs sake DON'T hold yer breath!!!

Details on our (8th Annual) 2015 run can be requested from

Sons of Aus