Binnaway 2015 was Dingo's Year for sure....BUT!!!!
It will forever live in infamy to be known as the Year of the

The trip started earlier for some of us this year with Scruff riding up from the coast to stay on Tuesday, you’re welcome anytime mate but next time leave your imaginary friend at home ok hahahahahahaha.
Wednesday morning proved to be an almost perfect day for riding and we headed off to pick up Dingo and Billy from the “dark side” and then got on the road proper around 11am. The ride took us through Murrumbateman then past Yass to wave at Swoop who had some lame excuse about his wife having a baby or some-such nonsense then into Cowra for lunch and eventually Molong. The trip was uneventful but most enjoyable with bright sunshine, reasonable temps and not one member of the Big Blue gang to be seen anywhere (this was to be a welcome theme over the next 5 days). We hit the Telegraph Hotel in Molong for our first night and waited for Ding to arrive from Sydney which he did some hour and a half later, it would appear this year he did the speed limit and got stuck in bad traffic due to road works but luckily no bad weather and no "incentive" to slow down. We spent our time on the front verandah except for a brief visit to the Bistro for the obligatory Schnitty which, as it turns out should have been skipped but was the catalyst for our new page “Pub Schnittys a great Australian Quest” where we will list with photos & reviews the Schnittys bought from various pubs in our travels. Anyhow back to the important stuff, you know whilst we love the great Aussie pub and the ability to sit on the verandah upstairs and watch the world go by or indeed see who turns up, having to navigate those damn narrow, steep stairs when carrying multiple drinks kinda loses its charm after a while but the good outweighs the bad so we’ll keep doing it.

Telegraph Hotel Molong Wednesday

Whilst consuming copious amounts of alcohol we thought it would be a great idea to send a few messages of love and support to those that could not be there with us just so they would feel all warm and fuzzy and our efforts were met with either laughter and joy or anger and disappointment. Hey we tried ok cos thats how we roll (if ya can’t be with us then we’ll make sure we keep you updated). Twas a pretty quiet night but eh next morning it could be argued that a couple of us may indeed have drunk just a little too much but nothing a run on the bike won’t fix. After getting breckie from the Molong bakery and listening to Happy Birthday to you being sung to the Publican with great gusto, over and over again by the locals as they saw him, it’s a little town so birthdays are important and everyone likes to sing LOL. We eventually packed up and hit the road heading for Coolah via Gulgong where we stopped for lunch of….. you guessed it Schnitty and beer. Please see aforementioned Schnitty page for review.(coming soon)

Royal Hotel Coolah Thursday

We finally got into Coolah and once again headed straight for the verandah were we set up camp to wait for the arrival of the banana benders which as it turns out would prove to be a long, long, long wait indeed so instead of hanging around like a refo after a Visa we headed over the Mick the Greeks place to have a look at a couple of bikes he owns. Well he's got a few and they're all duty old and in some cases hardly ridden but would he sell any? NOPE not even a single one damn damn and damn.

Mustard turned up at around 7pm, alone! not a good sign, and then got much worse when he was asked “where's Bender” and he answered “about an hour behind me”. Now we have attempted to explain the concept to some that the Back-up vehicle needs to be behind the riders to ensure they are available when needed, being an hour in front of them makes it hard if they happen to go off course which of course is exactly what happened. We got a phone call from Bender at about 9pm saying they were “just” in Narrabri checking Dan’s exhaust as it had worked loose, hmmm Narrabri eh???? problem is Narrabri is about 150klms in the wrong direction ooops. We suggested that due to the amount of roos on country roads at night they stop wherever they were and we’d see them the next morning and left it at that. Bender had other ideas and just before 1am he, Dan and John arrived in Coolah, too late for the bar and of course for dinner. But with me being the kind hearted soul I am I had bought them pizzas for dinner the night before and put them out them on the veranda but they were a little unappetising by 7:30 in the morning. This small fact was of course nothing to stop our gastormic garbage disposal unit, Mustard from eating them cold for breakfast.

Royal "Shiralee" Hotel Friday

Friday had us all up fired up for a short run over to Binnaway and what can only be described as an “experience” When we arrived the Pub was closed but after some negotiations Tonie got the place open and money quickly starting to empty from our pockets into hers much to her obvious joy. Friday night was pretty uneventful unless of course you happened to be watching the coppers with 1 local and another from Coona hiding under the bushes across the road only to leap into gear and chase down any people with the cheek to drive through town after dark. From our tally it was Drivers 15 - Whallopers Nil hahahahahahaha. I have been around a while and I can say that I never seen anything like it before, one would hide while the other drove around the block and as soon as 1 took off after a potential nair-do-well the other would hide under the tree. It could be said that some of us drank too much but as we use the rule "no names no pack drill" I can safely say there is no evidence therefore your worship, to the best of my recollection it never happended. Some of the more escerteric of us decided to spend their time wisely and investigate the positives contained in a vegan diet after discussing in great detail I might add, their final results, which it could be said were more humourous than enlightening.

Saturdays run was a pearler and that pretty much covers it really. We broke the $1000 pot this year so next year will be a monster I am sure and should prove to be a great 9th year. Saturday night was a real hoot starting when we returned from the Poker Run to find the Pub once again closed and the Pub lost a lot of patrons when they realised they couldn't get in. I for one cannot understand why a pub in a small town would not be open knowing there were 50 patrons tounging for a beer and maybe even a feed, after some fancy footwork from young Dan the pub was open for business with our money once again starting flowing outwards. Dingo won the Poker Run (bastard) and immediately put $300 on the bar, thanks mate. Tonie the owner saw this as a sign from heaven and said straight up "well I got my money, I aint pulling beers" enter Bender (who of course has an RSA otherwise he would have just been cleaning up glasses officer). Come 9pm and the Blue Gang raided the joint, they stormed through looking very professional in their pretty blue uniforms and shiney guns but alas the desperate Bikie menace could not be found and they all skulked on back to the hideout oops sory I mean station, there to spend the rest of their night wondering "what could have been". Sunday saw us up early saying our goodbyes to mates both new and old and hitting the road for home, Billy and I went via Sydney so he could get some go fast bits fitted to his bike and of course that meant Sunday night was spent at Casa-Del-Ding in Quakers Hill and then the shop and home getting us there by 8:30 pm in the pissing rain. what a blast!!!!

Planning is already well underway for our 9th Annual run to Binnaway with a new venue for us at the "Red Pub" including a band on the Staurday night so we're hanging for that, but first we have to get through Brass Balls 2015 (22-26 July) and our Summer Run (22 - 25 October TBC).

The Warrumbungle Riders once again did a bang up job and without them we would = be lost, some of us literally hahahahahahaha

So what exactly does the term “doubledickoff” mean? Well like all great stories if ya wanna know you shoulda been there. I’ll let the photos tell as many stories as I can and the rest you’ll just have to dream about mmmmmmmm ‘dickoff” LMAO

Details on our 9th Anniversary 2016 run can be requested from

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