Binnaway 2016
Cop seen buying Ice in Mendooran

This year saw just myself and Dick leaving from Quangers early morning on the Thursday for our 9th Annual run to Binnaway and this year was to prove to be yet another bl@@dy pearler. I need to start with saying that Billy sadly couldn't make it this year as he was recovering from his vastectomy or somesuch operation involving his nuts hahahahaha. We picked up Swoop in Yass and he immediately informed us he had beer so of course as the stars had aligned (it was warm, we were riding AND Swoop had beer) we thought it would be rude to continue on until both Dick and I had tested said beer for overall frothy goodness, it proved worthy so we hit the road to Bumf@@k NSW. All was uneventful until we were on the stretch between Booroowa and Cowra, ya see theres this cop that sits up on the hill every day getting unsuspecting travellers who are a little over enthusiastic with their speed to stop, have a chat and accept, with great dignity a personalised autographed invitiation to a gumbyment fundraiser and continue on with thier journey in the happy knowledge that they have contributed to economic growth of NSW and with that warm glow only participating can give. Anyhoo Dick and I topped the hill at, well to be fair we may have been slightly over the specified limit but I say may because the friendly public servant in his pretty car wasn't too interested in us but focused his attention on this maniac in the ute behind us. To save humanity from complete lawlessness Mr Plod stopped the aforementioned maniacal ute with sirens wailing and guns blazing (ok maybe a slight exageration) but stop him he did and after a brief discussion handed poor old Swoop (almost rhymes with ute) a $447 Golden Ticket to the Policemans Ball or was that balls?? damn what a way to start a weekend! whilst technically was a Thursday it was part of our weekend and should NOT have been so rudely interupted. we stopped in Cowra for Swoop to catch up and for Denise and her Pink Bits to arrive from Wagga but whilst we were successful with the former the later was nowhere to be seen so we headed off to Molong to pick up some more lads.

We arrived in Molong just in time for Dingo to tell us we had missed lunch BUT luckily the pub still had beer so who cares hahahaha. Dingo, Ding on his newly rebuild Ducati and Scruff were eager to head off when Ding noticed that a couple of my indicators and my tail light lense (all new) were about to fall off so it was off to the local hardware store to buy Locktite and then to have Mr Swoop tool up and tighten my nuts and let me tell ay there's no-one better at nut tightening than our Swoopie. After a quick libation it was back on the road for us, next stop The "Sh!thole" in Coonabarabran. When we got to Coona our Qld brothers, Noddy, Mustard and John were already at the pub doing their level best to put a dent in the alcohol supply, sadly Doc and Bender couldn't make it this time round but we'll see them in July (but that's another story) We set too getting our rooms organised and let me tell ya what a chore what was with the girl on the desk having no idea how to do anything other than look good and sound stupid! when we got up to our rooms we realised "what a dump" with filthy carpets, flaking paint, no aircon and only 1 window that could be opened about 6 inches. We stayed for a few drinks when Dingo decided to see about staying across a the Clock Tower Motor Inn. Turns out that it was cheaper, far cleaner had aircon and ensuites so downstairs we went and got refunds and left. In my 30yrs+ on the bike (yes I'm tired LOL) I have never had the displeasure to advise people NOT to stay somewhere, well there's a first for everything so if you ever travel to Coonabarbran and the whole town is full except for this place either camp under a tree (it would be cleaner) or go to the next town because the Imperial Hotel in Coonabarabran is imperial in name only it's an overpriced hovel with average food that is BEST AVOIDED. The Clock Tower across the road, which is owned by a biker, who also came on our Poker Run on Saturday is well worth a look though.

Friday saw us head over to Mendooran to the Royal Hotel, a place we like very much and will be staying at as part of our 10th Anniversary Run next February. We had been there maybe half an hour when the local copper came in asking if he could buy Ice and when quizzed by the hotelier made a joke about bikies being in the Pub so Ice should be easy to get, we all pi$$ed ourselves laughing and had a chat with him and to be honest he seemed like a decent guy too. Sadly though, as the law seems to have an issue with pissed bikies riding we could only have a couple then we were off to Binnaway to settle in and really tie one on.

We stayed at the Red Pub and after a quick change of clothes, here I must pause to thank Dingo for this as I never used to carry shorts, thongs etc but he convinced me it was a good thing so now I do and let me tell ya when it's 35 degrees and you've been ridin there's nothing better than taking off yer riding gear and plonking on yer comfy clothes and kicking back with a tinnie or ten with yer mates and watching the day turn to night and clear vision turn blurry hahahaha. We also finally met Tony and Tess and what a pleasure that was and we are sure we will see them again real soon. At around 11pm the copper from "somewhere" turned up and told us we were not allowed to sit out the back of the pub, on pub grounds and drink outside cos the pub was shut, he told us we had to go inside our rooms if we wanted to drink anyhow we thought best not to upset him and did just that, around 30 minutes later the cheeky pr!ck came back with a paddy wagon and backup just to make sure we were being good and after he wandered around, wrote down everyone's rego and ran checks on us all he took off. All I can say is what a knob.

Saturday once again dawned bright and clear and by the 11am start time we had 50 hands sold and for the second year in a row a pot of $1000, which is well worth the ride eh. The route was once again organised by Rawlo and Daz from the Warrumbungle Riders and to be honest without their help over the last 8 yrs "I've Binnaway" wouldn't be the same. the run went off without a hitch with a young fella from Coona, whose mum wouldn't let him ride his own bike on account of him only getting his "L"s a couple of weeks earlier, winning the pot and immediately telling him mum and dad (yep they all came) that he was putting a deposit on a new bike on Monday (what a good lad). Once the money was given away we had the pleasure of welcoming Rawlo and Daz into the Sons Brotherhood to become the first "Sons of Aus - Warrumbungle Riders" onya lads. Anyhow here's some photos for your edification.

Saturday night proved amusing with too much alcohol being consumed by the locals ensuring some decided the only way to improve the night was to punch on which prompty bought the whallopers who were quite disgusted to find the "bikies" weren't invloved in fact we were not interested at all. It did bring piggy number 1 from the previous night around the back again and when he saw us sitting at the same table doing the same sh!t prompted him to ask with a laugh "have you blokes even moved since last?" that broke the ice and everyone laughed and asked if he wanted o come back after closing for a beer? to which he laughed, declined, thanked us and said his goodbyes. Ya see it's all how you deal with people, Friday showed he had something to prove and we accepted it and moved on no-one had any drama and we are welcome as a consequence with no harrassment either on the Poker Run or the next day heading home.

The photo below is of the Licensee, do I really need to say more!

Sunday saw us say our goodbyes to our Qld brothers and Tony and Tess who came for 1 night and stayed for 2 (see how good must we be) and hit the road back to Canberra, Sydney, Kempsey and Nowra.

I have been a bit slack getting this story together as it's March already but hey at least it's done. In closing I need to point out a couple of important things

I took photos of one of our members soundly sleeping in the bar mid afternoon on Saturday and promised I wouldn't put it on FaceBook and wouldn't mention his name I haven't and didn't but we know who you are LOL love ya brother.

Plans are in train for Brass Balls 2016 with us heading to Queensland in July for a party and Poker Run.

AND put this one in yer diary


We are a Social group that love to party and if anything you've read here floats yer boat why don't ya get yer digit out and contact us at we're always keen to meet new people BUT before you speak to us make sure you are all good with Rule Number 4.

Till next time Copulater


Sons of Aus