Binnaway 2017
10 Years who woulda thunk it

In early 2007 Dingo and I discussed the formation of a Social Club and after a drunken night at the Harmonie German Club Dingo, Ding, FJ & I became the founding members of the Sons of Aus, to mark this occasion we found a Poker Run being run by a Club in a small country town in NSW called Binnaway. I approached the Club running it and spoke to their President, Buddha(R.I.P) and were welcomed with open arms, in fact they actually met us in the main street as we rode in. This first run was great but wasn't ours but the following year we arrived again to find the Nyngan Poker Run cancelled and the Club had all but closed their Chapter in Binnaway so we decided to run a Winner Takes All Poker Run amongst ourselves and we had a total pool of $120. Fast forward 10 years and the original Club no longer exists in Binnaway but the Poker Run lives on with this years pool hitting $1350 that's an increase of $350 on last yr. If you were in business and saw your turnover increase by 11x in 10 yrs you'd be pretty damn happy and so are we, remember the Sons get nothing from this other than a great run, we take no money from the pool and everything in gets given to the Winner and this year that was "Will" who immediately put a few hundred back on the bar cheers mate.

Now to the story:
Monday 13 Feb - Founding member FJ arrives from Tasmania
Tuesday 14 Feb - Doc, Gymp and Mustard leave home in Qld and head Sth. Note to ALL!!! NARRABRI is not Biker friendly be aware that they actively discourage bikers of any sort and will either say when asked about accommodation "booked out, no rooms" or "yep that will be $180 for 1 night and one of you will have to sleep on floor". If you can avoid that shithole then do so at all costs.
Wednesday 15 Feb - Run kicks off for Canberra lads at 8am from Hall with our first stop in Yass to pick up Swoop and Walter then on to Cowra to pick up Denise and her pink bits, now apart from a slight geographical issue (we were at different servos 400mtrs apart waiting for each other LOL) everything was running to plan, timing wise. From Cowra we took off down the Grenfell Rd through Gooloogong, Forbes and Trundle into Albert and quick drink at the Rabbit Trap Hotel. Interesting to see these little pubs being run on the whole by backpackers who stay for a few months and then move on to another pub or return home. Sadly we were told that there was no accomodation at the Trap but that is no longer true with beds for around 20 in "donga's" accross the road, know for next time eh.

After lunch it was onto the Imperial Hotel in Trangie, where the Qlders were patiently waiting ok patient might be a stretch but they were waiting LOL, what a great old pub run by great old country people with a very special mention to Cookie who showed us what country hospitality really is, damn fine man that one. We of course ate schnitties and drank beer and once again discussed the idea of putting together a "Best Pub Schnitty" page on FartBook where people can comment on and post pictures of schnitties from all over Aus. Well the night became the morning and we all came to the conclusion that sometime during the night invisible thieves broke in an took lots of money from each of us, just not possible to drink THAT much surely? Thursday and it was off to Mendooran to meet up with the boys from Sydney and the NSW South Coast at The Royal Hotel which would also turn out to be stop number 1 on our Poker Run (but more on that later) we ate and drank and you guessed it the thieves came through again leaving some of more than a little confused. Quiet night at the Royal sitting on the upstairs verandah watching the world go by and consuming vast quanitites of everything we could get our mitts on and it was a bl##dy good night.

Friday morning dawned bright, clear and damn hot and breakfast was had at the Mendooran Takeaway a good little shop making decent honest food but must be hard to stay afloat in some of these little towns I reckon anyhow good on em. Once we scoffed brekky down it was over the Black Gate Distillery, (thanks to Rawlo for organising that) for some post brekky rum , YES WE DID LOL!!! Some of the lads headed back into Mendooran for a feed at ludicrous speed right past the cop shop, sure he didn't hear you though....much, Whilst we were sitting outside the takeaway we had a visit from the Constabulary, they didn't stop for a chat though as they were too busy taking photos and thinking that driving a white Hyundai Tuscon we wouldn't notice they were whallopers, it would have worked too but the gumbies had their uniforms on so that gave it away a bit lol. 5 minutes passed and a Highway patrol car went past very slowly and then 5 minutes later went back the other way even slower I guess thinking we hadn't noticed his luridly painted Patrol car (obviously the Binnaway Mafia isn't keeping them too busy) anyhow as he turned left at the Pub we all (15 of us) mounted up and turned right only to see another Highway Car parked in the main street I didn't realise up until that point how dangerous we must be considering the only real danger we posed was to the plumbing after too many nights on the pi$$ with the exception of our resident "Casanova" Doc who threatens the virtue of women everywhere (not his fault really as hes's got that young, fit thing going on that women seem to like) and that was the last time we saw the coppers on the road all weekend (THANKYOU). We then rode over to the Siding Springs Observatory for an inside look at the workings, not the usual tourist have a look from outside but inside where the work is actually done, damn it was impressive and for those that didn't take up the offer you really missed out, BIG thanks to Daz for organising our access. While we were there Dick got a call from home that the bushfires near Queanbeyan were only 150mtrs from his house so it was a tense time for him but luckily the wind changed and his home and most importantly his "toys" in the garage were spared. We then headed over to Binnaway to kick back, catch up with the stragglers from Kempsey and well laugh, talk, drink and laugh some more late into the night with dreams of the Run the next day. Friday night also saw us award 4 members their 10 Year patches, welcome 4 new Members and 5 new Kandidats now thats a great day for any Club I reckon congrats to all and welcome to the family.

Saturday arrived and it was finally here, the Poker Run we have been dreaming about for TEN Yrs and would it prove "the only way is up" well yep in Spades. These are the total prize amounts over our time coming to Binnaway and they show an upward trend that shows no signs of slowing down:

  • Yr 1 - No Prize (Invited to Binnaway by Commanchero MC for their Nyngan Poker Run)
  • Yr 2 - Nyngan Poker Run cancelled (some of us have T'shirts for the run that never was) we held our own Prize $120
  • Yr 3 - Prize $240
  • Yr 4 - Prize $320
  • Yr 5 - Prize $450
  • Yr 6 - Prize $700
  • Yr 7 - Prize $780
  • Yr 8 - Prize $1000
  • Yr 9 - Prize $1000
  • Yr 10 - Prize $1350
  • I met a NSW Police Detective Saturday morning at the Royal "Shiralee" Hotel who not only congratulated us on the increasing numbers but said he couldn't make it this year as he had to work, now how many other people can say that not only the did the Police welcome them but also apologised for not being to come on a Poker Run? The run took us through what was beautiful countryside that has now been blighted by bushfires with many loosing everything including the town of () thats lost 85% of of it's homes, how the hell do you come back from that? but country folk being as tough as they are will most likely roll up their sleeves and just get stuck in. Our thoughts go out to all those affected and especially to those that lost family members in those few days in February R.I.P the run ended back in Binnaway with Winners being grinners and the rest of us, well grinners as well cos on a day like that everyone's a winner. We raised some money for the Fire appeal, so thanks to all that chucked in. Saturday night saw a hell of party with Daz's popup band kicking some serious ar$e at the Railway Hotel until very late into the night.

    Sunday came around too soon and it was time to say our goodbyes to our brothers from Tasmania, Kempsey, Gympie, Caloundra, Coonabarrabran, Binnaway, Nowra, Sydney and Inverell damn we've come a long way since we had 4 members in Canberra only eh. What an incredible run and party see you on the highway soon and remember smile, say g'day and let's have a beer and most importantly It's all about the fun and we do that real well so if you want any info about the Sons upcoming runs or anything really contact us we have a run in July, another in October/November and of course Binnaway in February 2018 see you there and in the meantime keep the shiney side up.

    We are a Social group that love to party BUT before you speak to us make sure you are all good with Rule Number 4!! Look it up you'll find it on our site if you really are keen.

    Till next time Copulater


    Sons of Aus