Bombala 2009

Well Bombala's over again for another year and as per usual it was an excellent day. Four of us met at Williamsdale at 9am with the weather looking pretty good with mid 20's expected, we stopped in Cooma for a coffee and then hit the road again. Just outside of Nimitibell we got stopped by some pretty significant roadworks and waited there just long enough to ensure we would get rained on, the nice day had turned a little dark with storms threatening but at least the temperature was staying on the right side of 20.

We got into Bombala at around 11.15 and did the only decent thing and headed straight to the bar and instantly got a reminder as to why no-one should drink Melbourne Bitter. Then it was off to take some photos and after I had taken two my camera informed me that the internal memory was full, seems I should have done more than charging the battery so it was off into town to buy a new memory card so I could bring you the photos below (really must get my SH#t together with this camera before I go to America next year hahaha)

Anyhow enough of my blabbering I'll let the picutre tell the story, I have also included a short bit of film of the opening act at the show and they were great, if you like Van Morrison I guess. Sorry I didn't catch the name of these guys which is a real shame because they really are good and just the thing to sit and listen to with a bourbon in your hand.

Given the bad weather and the fact that we had to head home that day we did not stay around long enough to see the trophy presentations but givent the type of event it is the smart money was on the gold and white Sporty. I am not a big Sporty fan but it was obvious this one had a lot of TLC and not to mention money thrown at it anyhow you make up your own minds.

Cya next year, I'll be the one in the jeans, leather jacket and Bourbon in hand.

Bob groovin in the rain in Bombala

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