2011 Bombala 20th Anniversary Bike Show

Bloody hell 20 yrs for this Show, I remember when it used to be called the Bombala Celebration of Motorcycles but that gave way to simply the Bombala Bike Show.

Three of us took off toward Bombala at around 9am and stopped 'just down the road' at Bredbo pub where we picked up three more, had a beer and a quick chat with some guys from the Southern Elite SMC (good to meet you lads) and hit the road again for the Show, although now much better hydrated.

I must say at this point that at no stage did we ever travel above the speed limit on that dirt road officer. When we pulled into Bombala at around 12-ish the show was well under way with over 1000 people already on site. We parked up and headed straight to the bog to empty the bladder and then on to the bar to fill it up again, now I must point out that it seems that some people never leave Bombala or at least give that impression as Pakky was sitting in the same place that I saw him last and that was, not surprisingly within 20 feet of the bar. The sky was blue (then) the beer was cold and music was rocking so we wondered around the stalls having a gander, meeting old friends all the while getting sunburnt. Swoop couldn't help but buy a Black top hat and being as he is 6ft2 already it made him look like leather clad telegraph pole. Last time I did a writeup on Bombala I said "got a reminder as to why I don't drink Melbourne Bitter" well trensetters I wish I had read that article before I went this year because I bought another can of that stuff and it really is, in my opinion swill. I took a few photos (see below) wandered around some more and noticed how it was getting a bit dark, at that stage Bingo came to the conclusion that skin is not waterproof and buggered off home. We stayed on for a couple more hours but had to head back as a few of us had a 50th to go to (from which we got home just on 5am-------argghhh I was slightly 2nd hand on Sunday I must admit:))

It was a great day out riding with yer mates even if Swoop did split his tyre at Polo Flat on the way home, god bless the man that invented Finileak". If you haven't been to this show before it is a good day out, very family friendly, close to Canberra and best of all, ALL the money raised goes to the township of Bombala ad it shows with all the food, beer and gate staff being local volunteers. We'll see you all there next year eh!

I'll shrink em all but not this one, what a bloody beauty. English Iron at its best.

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