Welcome to Junee 2014

There I was happily strippin down the XL when the phone rings, it's Dingo telling there's a Poker Run in Junee tomorrow morning gotta leave 7.30am to get there "You in?" Hmmm let me think what would I prefer to do,'Help round the house' or go for a ride and drink beer shit I'm in. Saturday dawned bright and clear and only got brighter and clearer and then a bit brighter and clearer, you get the point here right? Anyhow suffice to say that the day was hot, then hotter then murderous. I am sure that you have all heard the term and probably used it too "A bad day ridin beats a great day working" well this particular run tried that out and I'll tell ya truthfully it was I think the worst ride I have been on in years. Don't get me wrong here the Poker Run was incredibly well run and organised and I cannot fault the crew that put it together in any way. No my issue comes with the weather, I mean I know it's summer and yes I know summer is hot ergo I should expect it to be hot but seriously that day was just plain awful. I could go off on some insane rant and use expletives and trust me it is warranted but I shall just say it was awful.

That photo above is just for my indulgence, ain't nothing like a real nice set-a-apes

Sorry can't tell you who won the Poker Run or anything about the party put in that night, we hit the road round 4 (we did have a 300+k ride) so we could be home before dark. Normally I would finish and say what a run but this one will be remembered because of the wheezing high end Harley that got heat stroke, The Suzuki that drank more oil than it's owner drank beer or the venerable Indian (not the new 111) just refusing to start all caused by the insane heat and complete lack of humidity.

Will I go back to Junee, hell yeah but next time we stay overnight :) and you know no matter what A BAD DAY RIDING BEATS A GREAT DAY WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!! Copulater G

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