Club Laverda Concourse 2010

Well even though we don't live to far from the Captain Burke Park which sits on south side of the Story Bridge at Kangaroo Point in beautiful Brisbane it still took us an hour and half to get there.

The day started well enough with Bob and Custard arriving at my place on time only to open the garage to find.... well nothing really, you see although the garage was occupied by the obligitory if not rather fine Harley (if i do say so myself) the owner of said beast, namely me was nowhere to be seen. I was still upstairs as I had just woken up (they don't call me Noddy for no reason ya know) but I was stretching, scratching my arse and farting a fine old tune, so at least I was awake!. We were a bit late in getting away but you can't blame a man for indulging himself with a bit of extra 'shuteye', that's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it. This resulted in taking a quick route (that's route NOT root ok- get your mind above the waistline) hmm ok a quick dash through the back streets to meet up with Donnie at the Caltex Roadhouse in Loganholme. Now Custard thought it would be a good idea that instead of going straight to the Concourse we go for a bit of a blat down through the Hinterland, now as it turns out this was not to be one of his better ideas or our better decisions. Before I continue I must apologise for what you are about to read and if you are easily upset read no further---Ready? Ok read on at your own peril....Custard decided to stop for coffee and cake at a caf� in Canungra (I know I know but I did warn you). I would like in my own defence to state here that I did mention something about 'pensioners' and that next time maybe we could hire a coach and perhaps some walking frames, god I'm funny, I crack myself up in fact I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself (to which comments about walking frames and incontinance pants were mentioned ha bloody ha). Anyhow after coffee and cake we followed Custard down past the Oxenford pub, yes I did say past, seems if it doesn't sell coffee Custard can't see it and certainly wont stop there hahahaha then it was back over to the Concourse at Captain Burke Park.

We arrived to see a few hundred bikes of all makes and models from crutch rockets to long low customs spawled about the place, as you can see from the photos there's pretty much something for everyone irrespective of your tastes. The coppers of course were on hand to advise on parking and traffic control and make sure that Custard didn't go on a diebetic frenzy after ingesting too much cake. After Donnie and I parked our bikes we walked down the main road past the Story Bridge Hotel (yes passed anther open Pub and before you say anything I know, so SHUT UP!)

After a couple of hours of taking in the beautiful sights not to mnetion of course the bikes, we finally headed over to the Norman Hotel for a couple of drinks YAY BEER TIME 'finally' before heading home. Custard and Bob went to a (Vegan and Diet coke no doubt) bbq over Mt Gravatt way with Donnie and me heading home along the SE Freeway. I turned onto the Logan off ramp, waived goodbye to Donnie and promptly got a flat in the front so pulled over just off the off ramp (that sounds a bit dopey don't it), checked for skiddies in me jocks and rang the RACQ to come over and either:

  • Fix the flat
  • Tow the bike; or
  • Give me dirty sex on the side of the road

    Bet you can guess which answer wasn't the winner here eh? I reckon that had I not asked for option 3 I wouldn't have waited the hour and half for them to get there. But hey if they had ponied up for option 3 i would have waited for 2 hours (at least) I would like to thanks all those tossers on bikes who rode straight past me as I sat there waiting, but my faith in bikers was finally restored when a couple of patch riders pulled up from the HA to offer their help. The fact that I rode was enough for them to consider me worthy of their help and in their own words "�No Problem I was a biker in need of help, and that is what they do� They did offer to get one of their mates to drop by with a truck but as the RACQ was already on the way I decided 'stupidly it turns out' to wait, but thanks again guys. The RACQ finally showed up chucked the bike on the back and took me home.

    Anyway a great day had by all even if it did turn out bloody expensive for me (shoulda taken the offer of the truck after all DOH!!) and we are definately looking forward to 2011.

    One last thing, if you are reading this you no doubt are a biker and as such you need to act like one. Bikers DON'T leave other bikers stranded on the side of the road we stop and offer our help in any way we can. If you disagree with that sentiment then you obviously are in the wrong site and are unwelcome here so move away from the keyboard go outside and play HIDE AND Go F@#K YOURSELF!

    Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate