Maitland 2012

Last year Lou suggested that we get our collective arses to Maitland for the Gladiators MC Bike and Hot Rod Show, he'd been going for years and reckoned we'd have a blast and the boys would look after us and I am happy to report that Lou was right on both counts. The trip for us was an easy 6 hours, should have been 5 but Sydney traffic was really shit as usual. Once we hit Maitland we stopped at the Pub, sorry don't remember which one but I'd put money on it being called the Royal or some such generic name. Ya know it seems that you can drink in every town in Australia and never leave the same damn pub. Anyhow back to the important stuff, we gave Lou a call only to find him already knee deep in beer in the Green Room and he let us know that Wazza would be up to pick us and show us the way. We arrived at the Clubhouse, parked the bikes and found the lads had set up a tent for us out the back overlooking the river and we immediately made our way to the bar to wash away all that road grime we'd picked up at the aforementioned 'Royal' Hotel and of course to save Lou from the horrors of drinking alone. We sank quite a few until round 2am when the wheels fell off and Lou and I stumbled off to get some zeds before the show the next day. When we got back to the campsite, not far at all really only 40 metres or so I guess but first it was up then down hill and when yer boots are wobbly is quite a challenge. We got back to find the rest snoring away and for some strange reason Dingo was sleeping with his helmet on, now I am not one to cast aspersions on anyone but that was just a little too odd, even for Dingo, and certainly not something that shall be forgotten ever and will make late night gabfests around the fire on future runs more amusing so thanks mate.

Saturday dawned bright and clear and I felt a whole lot better than I had any right too and only realised how seedy I was when breakfast was put in front of me, nuff to say that Dingo ate my egg, Lou my bacon and one of the sausages, Swoop ate the tomato and I had 2 coffees and then went looking for pain killers. We jumped on the bikes, blew out the cobwebs and slipped over to the showground just before 12 to see the crowd was already building for what would prove be a great day all round, great weather, great mates, beer and bikes shit I've died and gone to a bike show. Our first task was to claim a spot inside the main marquee right in front of the stage so we could stay out of the sun and it just so happened that the seats were right next to the Victory display tent and I must admit these bikes are mighty fine to look at and an excellent price too, starting at $19,990 ride away for a 106 Cube High Ball. We checked out the show bikes, voted for Wazza's VRod of course (for which he won a trophy onya Waz) and made our back to the marquee again, I was constantly into bottles of water on Saturday (don't know why I was so dehydrated). When we got back we found one of the promo girls lying on the ground in front of our table, officially she collapsed from heat stroke but the strange thing was she was doing fine walking around in her very attractive shorts and singlet top when she walked up to our table and as soon as Lou said hello to her and she went down quicker than the Titanic. Now it could have been that she just picked that precise moment to go A over T but inside sources have it that she was so in awe of Lou's untamed masculinity that she just feinted away as soon as she heard his manly voice (that's what Lou reckons anyhow). We love ya mate but you gotta stop scaring the girlies ok. The day progressed and we checked out the mad men on their moto X bikes doing some seriously insane jumps and tricks, the tattoo comp got into full swing with some bloody amazing artwork and these days some of it really is art. If ya wanted it you could find it too with vendors selling everything from Biker Bells to Biker belt buckles I mean if it was bike related you could find it there on site. They had an airbrush artist who was painting helmets on the day, her work was first rate and with excellent prices too. There were a number of bands that entertained in one form or another culminating with The Angels (minus Doc Neeson) to round out the night, these guys may be getting on but they still know how to rock. We rode back to the Clubhouse and the party started for real, no bikes to ride means no RBT to worry about. The band played on to the early hours and when I finally hit the fartsack Bob from the Diggers MMC said "yeah I'll just finish me drink and I'll be crashing too" when we got up at 6am Bob was sitting up by the fence gobbing on, just like last year eh Bob seems he wasn't going home early after all.

We packed our gear, thanked the Gladiators for their hospitality to which they replied "Your welcome anytime boys" and that is an offer we will certainly be taking up next February. So in finishing if you haven't been to the Maitland Bike and Hot Rod Show before do yerself a favour and get to Maitland next February you wont be disappointed.

We would like to thank the Gladiators for their hospitality and we will certainly be seeing you again next year. Cheers lads. I will let the photos below speak for themselves.

Till the next time
Copulater G

Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate