Maitland 2013

Another year over and all too soon Maitland Bike and Hot Rod Show has rocked around again. This year saw 4 of us head out to Sydney to spend the night at Dingís place and of course we all went to bed nice and early with nare a drink Ďor anything elseí in sight! Ok maybe thatís a stretch and old Shakin Stevens made an appearance around 10 but thatís not a story for the feint hearted. The weather threatened rain on and off all the way to Maitland, threatened but never delivered making it an extremely hot trip in the old oilskin pants. We decided it would be good to have a quick stop at the Pie in the Sky in Cowen which sells bloody good pies, surprise that eh and is somewhat of a Mecca for the weekend warriors keen to show off their latest toys or perhaps even their new chaps (chaps?? chaps donít mention bloody chaps!!!) anyhow all the usual bling was there and of no real note until that is a new Bimota Tesi 3D turned up now I aint a big sports bike fan but I would have to say this bike is sheer engineering beauty that with the after market exhaust produces a tad over 110 HP but only weighs 150kg this is a serious sports bike with enough physical beauty to make anything on 2 wheels look drab and plain.

Would I own one? No but suffice to say that when the Tesi left there was a pool of drool 3 feet wide left by bikers of all shapes and sizes. We stopped at the Tall Timbers hotel in Ourimbah for a quick Black & Tan, smoke and to drain the main then onto Maitland. We headed straight over to the Gladiators Clubhouse to unload our gear have a quick smoke and head over to the Show. Wazza was waiting there patiently for us, sorry mate but there were pubs on the way up we didnít mean to be late promise but we had to stop would have been rude not too. Sparky went to put his bike in the show only to be told he was too late, damn pub, we sat back had a few beers walked the trade stalls, checked out the bikes and cars in the show checked out what was in the carpark and as per usual there were a couple of bikes outside better than most of those inside. The Nitro Circus boys put on a great show and dedicated it Tyrone Gilks who had sadly died the day before in an accident whilst practicing for a World Record distance jump R.I.P Tyrone. The crowd quickly raced over the open fields for a few passes of the sand draggers, jees these things are monsters and require nerves of steel to ride em thatís for sure.

Back to the marquee to have a beer and a smoke or three whilst listening to the bands Blackest Sabbath were the standout on the day with them doubling up at the Clubhouse later for the after party, the Gladiators had hired a huge coach to get everyone back to the Clubhouse safely with no concerns for the booze and drug bus and the large number of Highway patrol scouring the area looking for ne'er-do-wells thanks again boys well done. Back at the Clubhouse things were jumping with a good crowd, plenty of cold drinks, great music and food on offer from the 24 hr food business setup near the front gate.

Everyone agreed that this year was once again an event well worth the 1000klm travelled and finally thanks again to the Gladiators MC for their hospitality. Oh and we nearly made it all weekend without a mishap but just when you thought all was good up stepped good old HD to remind you that shit happens, hard to change gears when yer shifter lever is not connected eh Sparky :) ah well just means we can pull the piss outta him for a while so thanks mate since FJ's cock fell off and he traded his bike for a 4 wheel drive and trailor we've been looking for a laugh (we still love ya FJ ya old fart).

I would like to finish by saying that the world lost a fine young man, Tyrone Gilks on Friday 21 March at only 19 years old whilst doing what he loved most. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends

Ride in Peace Tyrone.

Till the next time
Copulater G

Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate