Missin Ya


Run for Twiggy

I met Twiggy when we both rode with the VietnamVeterans MC and from the start I knew that we would be friends till the end, unfortunately for all of us that end came to soon. This run was organisd to show our support and respect for a brother taken from us way before his time. Ride on Twiggy, we love you brother and we're missin ya already.

Well like everywhere else on the Eastern side of the country it's been pissin down in Canberra lately but come the day of Twiggy's ride the sun was shining, people were smiling and everyone was raring to go. The run took us from Eagle Hawk Hotel out to Dalton and then on to Galong and then back to Canberra a quick trip of around 320 clicks, the boys all kept together and just cruised on through some beautiful country roads with little heat to be seen 'if you know what I mean'. That was true until we had no choice but to run up the highway for a while and although the lone, bored, ugly as a hat full copper let us all roll through at just slightly over the limit (he was either worried about stopping the pack or maybe inspecting his weapon and didn't notice) anyhow he didn't have any issues with stopping the backup truck. To be fair he was just following orders and he had to stop truck really as we may have been carrying weapons of mass destruction and other assorted contriband, after all we are just filthy bikies and that according to the mainstream media and by default 'Joe Public' is apparently what we are all about.

Well we didn't let one wanker ruin our day and a quick whip around amongst the boys covered the fine, which Bazza promptly donated back to Westy, Twiggy's missus so onya Bazza. The day was put together to try and sort Two things - One, get the boys together for a run and Two, pay off the costs associated with the funeral so all monies raised went to that end. After arriving at Galong the final cards and the raffles were drawn and you wouldn't credit it but Faark won both, which is just as well really because his newly acquired softail was slowly but surely dissassembling itself along the way. What started with a few nuts bolts ended up with his headlight doing a runner, seems the previous owner thought attaching a NessTech headlight to a bike using 1/8 inch mild steel plate was a good idea. Faark really appreciated the $200 voucher from Robbo's Motorcycles as well as a set of tools from Fisher Discounts now let hope he spend it wisely, I would suggest a lot of new nuts and bolts 'for a start'.

Thanks to all the people who came along on the day especially those that travelled from interstate and we'll see you all again real soon.

We would like to the thank the following sponsors:

  • Local Liquor ACT
  • Robbos Harley Davidson
  • Canberra Motorcycle Centre
  • Fisher Discounts

    Particular thanks have to go to Dawso a good bloke and most importantly the rep for Local Liquor for donating a pair of boxing gloves signed by 3 times former World Champion Jeff Fenech which will be framed and sold at a later date.  Auction details will be added to this site when the framing is complete nad they should go a long way in paying everything off so once again thanks Dawso and Local Liquor.

    One of the port drinkin, musk stick eating locals Relaxing next to the bikes after a hard day

    Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate