Sunday Bloody Sunday

Let's Ride

You know there's only one thing better than riding bikes and that's riding bikes with ya mates, and on Sunday that's just what we did. A few mates, a sunny day and a lazy couple a hundred K's with 3 pubs thrown in shit does it get any better than that? ok yeah maybe a few thousand K's but you can only do so much when ya gotta work.

Now the first thing we all noticed was the fact that the weather had decided (for what seemed like the first time in 20 years) to behave. Ya see normally this is the standard course of events, we organise a run, everyone gets excited, wake up nice and early look out the window and at best it's grey and crappy but on this sunday I looked out the window and saw nothing but blue, no clouds no nothing I mean I had to ask the wife to grab me on the knob to make sure I wasn't dreaming or at least thats the excuse I gave her hahahaha. Ding had ridden down from Sydney the night before in a storm that had him thinking he wished he was in an Ark rather than on a Buell but he got here and I might add cut a dashing figure in his wet weather pants and matching garbage bag, did the bag help? no but at least he recycled the bag so did his bit for the environment.

We took off and swung by to pick up Faaark who not only rides a very terpramental Evo with Eidelbrock heads but also does a damn fine job as the lead guitarist for Bar Tab one of Canberra's premier hard rock outfits. We were met at Eagle Hawk by the rest of the lads although a few were most noticable for their absence, apparently they had to stay home to help their mums with the ironing. First stop the newly re-opened Bush Ranger hotel in Collector, this place has been opened and closed more times than a $40 pro's legs, it's a great venue that would make a great point to stage a Bike show, quiet town, nice pub just off the highway and all that. from there we headed over to The Loaded Dog at Tarago and finally on to Bungendore, Faaark's bike only broke down 3 times seems either his 'B' Series jamtin S&S carb was living up to it's reputation or maybe his electrical system is stuffed but my monies on that box jokingly referred to as a carbie 'Jamtins' were shit when they were first released sO i would suggest that time has done nothing for it's performance. I would like to thank the sun god for a great day, one followed up by a party for Big Doug who turned 50 onya Doug. For those that made it we had a good day for those that didn't, your loss.

So nothing left but to check out the photos below and I have added some video, shot one handed whilst riding a rather dashing Triumph Rocket III, Mustard take note of how stable it is ok :)

So that's it just remember when ya mates ask you "what are we going to do on the weekend" just answer


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