Smokin Nambucca Heads 2010

Ever since Binnaway Noddy and Custard were determined to organise a little weekend party for us 'up north' and they decided that the best option was the Taylors Arms Hotel which is famously known as

And before I go any further I must say what a shit hot weekend it was, catching up with old mates, making a few new ones and to top it off I think I met the biggest knob in Australia hahahaha so thanks boys for a great weekend and we'll cya at Binnaway 2011 in February.

I just worked out how to uplaod videos so now you will all be subjected to motion pictures too, anyhow below is a clip from Stinky Cheese who played on the Saturday night and as they say themselves they are Hill Billies and proud of it.

Below is veritable smorgasboard of photos, a plethera if you will. They are presented in a slideshow because it is easier for me. For those that gave me a hard time yesterday for not having this page up well piss off it's done now.... maybe not as flash as I would normally like but due to pressure from people who shall remain anonymous eh Warwick LOL it's here.

The video below is pretty shakey but hey it was taken sitting backwards on a bike being ridden by an ageing motorcycle hoodlum so I think all things's still pretty crappy but hey it's all we've got HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And so to finish it off we have some extra shots taken on the road by Dingo, thanks mate. You know I used to spend a lot of time redoing images and creating clickable thumbnails but I thought Nah stuff it I'll just use a bigger image in the first place so here goes:======

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