Smokin Nambucca Heads 2011

Well last year was fun but this year was funner (is that even a word) so for those that missed it - your loss. We have two big runs each year, these runs are for one purpose only and that is to have a ride with ya mates and then drink too much and not necessarily in that order.

'that comment was obviously for humour value only so don't stress conunstable'

The Southern contigent got going at 11am on the Friday, it was going to be 5pm then 4pm then 3pm but finally 11am because we couldn't wait to (a) get away from work and (b) get on the bikes and party. We hit Sydney and headed straight to Ding's place, as luck would have it he had just got home and the fridge was full of beer onya Ding. So after a few beers and a smoke or two (terrible habit that) we headed out to the local cat chop shop for a feed before heading back to Ding's, drinking all his beer and giving the Bourbon a fair old hiding too.

Next morning we were up and atem by around 7 and on the road not long after for a quick 6 hour jaunt to Macksville. Once in Macksville we settled into the Star Hotel which is a nice pub, with cute barmaids across from the river to wait for the Queenslanders and have a couple of beers (If you ever meet Chook ask him about his trail bike & the river across from the Star Hotel), before long Dingo turned up 'he's been to Charters Towers for his brothers 50th birthday and was heading back home with us in a couple of days completing his 6500klm run' he was looking suitably relaxed. On the way down he came across a road block setup to stop the bikie menace and as he was the only menace there at the time he got stripped searched by a few randy coppers and sniffed up by a crutch loving K9 drug and bomb dog on the side of the road, much to the amusement of his brother who turned up some time later. I have it on good authority that there a few photos floating around taken by the intended 'detainees' and would love to see em (of course I would do the decent thing and publish them here for all to see). Anyhow after a few beers we decided we should head out to Taylors Arm as the beer was too good and we all had big thirsts and these days beer and bikes means boozebus and busted. We were waiting for the Qld lads but it turns out they had stopped at a few pubs on the way and were running behind schedule so whilst getting into Taylors Arm together was the plan it failed to eventuate, sorry guys.  Noddy and the lads got in about an hour later and the partying really got going, Chook was once again in fine form and is a walking testimant to why LSD is really not that great for you (we love ya anyway Chook you certainly are unique) Anyhow the rest of the night turned into a blur as copious amounts of everything were consumed and before we knew it it was tomorrow.

So what do bikers do for fun when they go 900klms to see their mates, well they go for a ride of course and thats exactly what we did, just a couple of hundred klms around the joint stopping at 3 pubs and of course not drinking at any as that would be totally irresponsible. Some amoungst our number have been known to be keen on going 'the blatt' so when Mark turned up on his new Ducati Diavel it was like a red rag to a bull and for some the temptation of getting the jump on him proved too strong and the run back from Macksville to Taylors Arm was one I am sure they shall not forget in a hurry.

After the run it was back to the Pub for more beer, Black & Tan of course! and to have a feed and wait for the nights entertainment "Stinky Cheese" once again were bloody brilliant.  At around 7pm well I think it was 7pm but I may be out a bit ok I had had a big day what with a couple of drinks on Friday fuck all sleep, a quick 250klms ride, a few beers 'to replace lost fluids of course' not to mention the 'verandah' shit did I mention it? I did didn't I ah well too late now.  Anyhow around 7 I met Lou, at 1am Lou and Dingo and I were a bit pissed and talking shit.  Sometime later, now in that 'some time later' bit I am fairly sure we consumed several Black Sambucca's.  I went to bed at around then and as I left in the morning Lou was snoring soundly on his fartsack fully clothed, we took his boots off made sure his shit was together and set off on the 900klm trip home.  To Lou "cya soon mate it was an honour".  I tell ya I was happy as a pig in shit that the ride home day was mild as I was fairly second hand, one must add here that I nor any other person undertook any forward monentum on their two wheeled conveyances until such time as we could be assured that they were under the prescribed level of alchohol allowed by Law in Australia or 7am which ever came first hahahahahahahahahaha

It was, as always great to catch up with guys we only see twice a year and good to see some new faces too, hey Dak & Greg great to meet you guys and cya in Binnaway eh!

All the boys wanna thank Noddy for setting this up again let's see if next year we can't fill the joint up eh. When he's not organising stuff for us you'll find him involved with the USCQ & UMCQ thanks mate. On the UMCQ front I would like to thank Mark for coming down and sharing our weekend it certainly was a blast, parts more blasty (again not sure if that is a real word) than others but as my old da says - enjoy life son your a long time dead - :).

I am waiting for some words of wisdom from the Qld lads so when they send em down I'll stick it up ere.

Till the next time
Copulater G

Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate