Swoop Stakes

Or the return of the "Bathurst Dribbler"

When casting about for ideas on a run for October Swoop came up with the idea of visiting Scruff down in Ulladulla on the Saturday BUT only after a couple of nights on the road. So it was decided to travel South by going 300klms North West hahahahahaha.  Me, Walter and Dick set off on the Thursday morning from Queanbeyan and headed to Gunning to pick up Swoop and then straight through to Crookwell for brekkie only to bump into one of Dicks relatives in the main street. Oddly enough he didn't resemble Dick as he was tall, slim and kitted out with only an average proboscis but I guess every family has to have one black sheep eh Dick lol. We had decided to go the scenic route to Bathurst, which is up through Grabben Gullen, Tuena and Trunkey Creek where we stopped for lunch and a beer or three. The new owners of the pub offered us free accom if we pass through that way again and given it had the three things we love in a country pub 1: Good beer 2: Good food and 3: Privacy in the accom oh and of course they used that word favoured by tight arses everywhere FREE we may very well take them up on that offer.
After finishing lunch and yes schnitties were included, we headed to Bathurst to meet up with Dingo and to spend the night at Jack Duggans Irish Pub, now many pubs are referred to as Irish but this one is the closest I've ever come to a real Irish pub outside of Ireland as the owners, manager and many of the staff are indeed Irish.  For a small crew we certainly caused quite a stir as the night wore on and we increasingly heard the manager say "don't do that here FFS!!!" at this point I would like to thank the locals that played us some music and Dick for talking them into it lol. A couple of lads consumed more than their fair share of grog that night and their sleep sounds (see snoring like a chainsaw at max revs) proved to be too much for others and precluded the very idea of sleep but hey ya get that, no names no pack drill eh.  In the morning we stumbled off for a much needed coffee and to wait for the rain to ease, now according to Swoop we were "at the tail end" of the storm and all will clear soon, so we waited, and waited, and waited but eventually decided that as we were "at the tail end" we should leave as it would stop soon enough and you know what Swoop was right because by the time we got to Goulburn it had indeed almost stopped, turns out this particular storm had a bigger tail than the Lochness Monster.
After having lunch in Goulburn we headed down to Oaks Flat for the night to find out that our booking was actually not there and after some research Road Captain Swoop found out that yes indeed we weren't staying there but rather we were supposed to be a Jamberoo Pub instead, which didn't faze me as quite frankly the Lakeview Hotel (No bloody lake what's the story there???) appeared a little "under done" if you know what I mean and Jamberoo turned out to be a beauty. Ding had riden down from Sydney and was drenched, good to see no-one escaped the water works until, that is, Fence turned up at 9:30pm ya see he left South Sydney a little later than Ding and not only missed the traffic but saw not one drop of rain....bastard lol.  Saturday morning saw us up early and much healthier than the previous morning and we headed over to pick up Scruff for "Swoop Stakes" which was to be our own in house Poker Run, oddly this Poker Run had no cards and as it turns out 8 winners hmm go figure.  On the way to Scruffs we decided it stop at Bunnings to purchase some disposable white overalls and face masks just for a laugh and it certainly worked, although I must apologise to Scruffs neighbours for our rather loud arrival and to the old people who kept peaking out their curtains watching us get changed into the overalls just round the corner from Scruffs place, you have to admit if you saw 7 bikes pull up and guys get off then all get dressed in white overalls and masks you might be mistaken in thinking we were up to no good. We headed out from Scruffs to a couple of pubs (dunno which ones but we had beer and schnitties), picked up Billy along the way and then on to our stop for the night, the infamous Marlin Hotel in Ulladulla now this pub has some rather disparaging feedback left online telling all that cared to listen that this place was to be avoided as it was "a bit rough" well nothing could be further from the truth as far as we were concerned it was clean, comfy beds, good beer and food and 4 bands and a nightclub with friendly and helpful staff.  The Marlin is what all Pubs used to be like before pussy leftwing softcock facebook warriors bought them up, spent millions on refurbing them, put their prices up accordingly (from $30 to $130 Per night) and placed all sorts of restrictions on who could or couldn't enter.  This pub treated everyone equally meaning it was up to you how your experience went if you know what I mean.

We laughed and drank and then laughed some more before the wheels fell off but the last thing I remember hearing Dick say on Saturday night was "You're all soft I'm going back down till the pub shuts" that was at 1:45am so Dick was back 20 minutes later but well done mate making to stumps mate bwahahahaha.  Sunday dawned bright and clear for us to say our goodbyes and head home after another great weekend with great people. There were specific reasons for this run and I think we achieved our aims with aplomb and as much dignity that sleeping in your sunglasses will allow, which is of course better than sleeping with your helmet on in Maitland but that's another story.

Straights always ask "what's the attraction and why do you ride together" and our answers can be many and varied but the core reasons are our deep and unquestioning friendship and the absolute desire to enjoy every bloody minute we have with those that mean the world to us.

We love ya Scruff and no matter what anybody says we reckon you're alright.

Now if you've read this far you are probably wondering where the explanation is for the "Bathurst Dribbler" reference at the top of this story, well some things ya just have to see for yourself because no matter what I couldn't describe in words the horror, amazement and subsequent hilarity of what happens "ON THE ROAD".

So here's to all the bike runs I can't remember

With the friends I'll never forget!

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