God Help Us all its “Back to Cupboard’ again.......already!!

This trip it was decided that we would leave a day early from the sunny Capital “this is becoming a trend” and head to Wazza’s place in Toukley for the night before moving on to Taylors Arm on Friday. Thanks Waz but my liver aint so happy for the extra pounding it received but thanks for the hospitality and for anyone interested in trying something new Rebellion Bay Spiced Rum is for you. Hope the neighbours are ‘over it’ now but I guess Thursday is a school night eh and a bunch of loud biker bums next door yahooing till the wee hours might be considered inappropriate, not by us mind but some less refined might not be so enlightened.

Hit the road to Macksville at around 10am Friday, no point leaving too early and if we have too much time on our hands we tend to get stuck in a bit and then riding becomes problematic. On the other and the good thing about leaving later is that the pubs are open as we go just in case we get thirsty, which we did no less than 4 times. This year we had a backup vehicle kinda, being driven by Swoop who sadly seemed to miss the point of a BACKUP vehicle and whilst his heart was in the right place his ute wasn’t as it was approximately 50klms in front of us. We were a little sad because on the ute he had all our gear including a big esky full of ice and beer and we could have a saved on grog and not to mention sunburn. Our final stop on the way was at a Pub in Kempsey, yes it had a name but buggered if I know what it was. We had a great feed there anyhow while waiting for Dingo to come back from emptying his bags.

We got into Macksville around 2pm and as we expected no Queenslanders but we didn’t have to wait too long for em, 3 beers I think it was and their happy little heads came bobbing over the bridge to the pub. After a quick bit of backslapping and beer we all headed off to the Taylors Arm for a night of fun and frivolity. The race, as it has become known from Macksville to TA (not that we ever exceed the speed limit because that would be illegal and we don’t condone any behaviour of that sort) had a few starters but was really an uneven event with the Diavel having a pilot that only weighs 12 kilos with the rest of us being human sized. By the time we got to the Arm said pilot had parked up, got a beer and finished a cigar the smart ar$e. As with any great race there are incidents and this one was no exception, went something like this…..5 bikes jockeying for position (all watching rear end of the Duke disappearing) when Wal came into one corner a little hot and immediately had feet down into the grass, DAK then saw his chance and very nicely rounded him up and I swear I could hear him laugh at Wal’s misfortune (some may find this harsh but hey all’s fair in love and racing hahahahaha and as long as no-one is off-ed it’s all good). The afternoon consisted of multiple trips to the cupboard for some, to the esky for others and generally sitting about talking shit with the good mates in a great spot, does it get any better?

I have been asked NOT to publish certain photos of one particular individual but you know who you are and who from now on will be known as Custard (for reasons that shall become obvious) and the night to be indelibly marked in history as “Custards last Stand” literally.

I have never seen anybody:

  • Drink sooooooo much Wild Turkey
  • Throw up quite sooooooo much
  • Be that colour whilst still alive; and actually
  • Live to tell about it.

    Saturday dawned fresh, clear and by around 10 bloody hot, it managed to hit 39 that day and those who nudged it a bit hard on Friday certainly knew about it. We would all like to thank the RTA for the roadworks just outside of Dorrigo where they thoughtfully used cement dust and watered it down nicely for us (still trying to the get the shit off) with 28 bikes this year Brad managed to pick up $560 of which he immediately put $280 straight on the bar thanks Brad, what a gentleman. Quite a few of the locals made their way out the Taylors Arm for the night and once again Stinky Cheese hit the boards around sometime o’clock (details, details) and they were as usual an absolute hoot. Their young guitarist, I think he’s 15 now, is brilliant and it is only a matter of time before he kicks it up a notch and gets snapped up by some serious musos (this boy is amazing) one of the things we love about this run apart from the venue is the hosts and the locals are all part of the evenings entertainment and once again a big THANKS LADS to ‘The Cheese’

    The Qld lads outnumbered us this year which in a way is good to see but we’ll get ya next year. Anyhow nuff from me, now for some words from head ‘banana’ Noddy

    Noddy and Weedy's place was party central on the night prior to the ride south to Taylors Arm with warm beds and cold beer available to those wishing to crash in the "Doghouse", you know this is what sets us apart from civilians we open our homes, our hearts and of course our fridges to our mates without a thought for ourselves (too right G) Mustard arrived at around 4.30 with the new support vehicle (seems the washing in Feb at Binnaway had stuffed the inside of the old one) and as per usual he had all the food groups on board, beer and bourbon! I called Chook to see if he was coming over but he was already into it at The Hamilton Hotel and would see us in the morning at the Park Ridge Tavern. DAK & Greg cruised over via Chook's place in the morning to make sure he was alive and to get him onto his bike on time. No mean feat either "well have you ever seen a chook on a Harley?"

    I got down to the meeting spot to see my old mate Wally there on the last of the Evo’s (My favourite SoCal motor G) and a very nice bike it is too. Half hour later (after taking a wrong turn on a relatively straight ride on the Gateway from Redcliffe), Dak, Greg and Chook turned up around the same time as Custard and Olive in a cage as Custards bike is off the road. It was a fairly uneventful run until we hit roadworks around Jimboomba followed closely a school zone reducing the speed limit to 70 kph and then 40 kph I was out front and missed Mr Plod and his speed gun but didn’t miss him letting me know I should be doing 40 not 70 but he just gave me a 4 finger salute and told me to slow down (see they’re not all oxygen thieves)

    Having gotten a headstart on us Mustard was holding the bar up at Kyogle when we rocked up for a quick drinks break. Then it was over to Casino to meet up with Lou at another pub, really need to work on that drinking problem (too many pubs not enough time). Just a short hop, sort of, before we hit Macksville bypassing Grafton and Coffs as the Southern boys were well on their way. It was great to see our brothers, share stories of the ride, see their new toys and finally head out to Taylors Arms. It was also good to out number the bikes from the Southern boys for a change (we’ll get ya next year G).

    Jenny, our host for the weekend was eagerly awaiting our arrival but only after we promised not to encourage drunken wheelies by elderly locals (ya had to be there hahahaha). Love ya Jenny and Taylors Arms... The weekend Has Begun !!! Nodster


    We southerners got home round 4pm on Sunday and I can say that even 800klms in the saddle didn’t give me a megasorearse so I will continue to sing the praises of Victory!!.........

    Copulater G

    Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate