Now before we start I would like to say WELCOME to Dick he can be seen here just moments before going artistic on his bike....Looks well doesn't he, if you want to feel this good maybe you should consider coming for a ride hahahahahahahahaha

We really love going to Taylors Arm, great mates an amazing venue and beautiful weather.....well ok normally beautiful weather but this year it could be best described as 'good weather for ducks'. The photo above shows the view from the front steps of the Star Hotel in Macksville and no it aint a grainy old photo from years gone by, those grains are actually rains (gramatically nor linguistically I don't think that is correct but for the sake of this story I reckon it works bloody well)

It used to be that our weekend runs started on the Friday afternoons with us riding 'Hell for leather' to our chosen location, of course never once involving speeds greater than those sign-posted. Over time, however we have realised that work sux, particularly for some of us that must work with complete knobs, but I digress. Riding with yer mates is fun and it for this reason that we now leave around lunchtime (it was 4, then 3 and now we meet at Billys for some pre-ride entertainment at Noon) on the Wednesday and heading up to Dings in Sydney for a warm-up for the weekend. Although I must admit this years warm-up became more of a boil over and involved Dick thinking it would be a good idea to emulate Andy Warhol and repaint his jacket and bike a nice shade of puke which for those uninitiated is a dull grey with specks of orange(to be fair to Mr Warhol the end result looked more like it was painted by Andy Bumhole). We hit the road for Kempsey and Dingo's new place, it's amazing how private 100 acres is and whilst the promise of fruit propelling equipment was on the table unfortunately the required fruit was not! So we bitched, moaned, groaned and drank too much to soften the blow of forgoing the opportunity of directing aforementioned devices at Swoop and whilst he had bravely volunteered to act as the 'Fox' it was sadly not to be, so thanks for your bravery mate and we'll see ya next year and I'll bring big bag of navels, oranges that is and not the remains of the tether to yer mum. Dak, Greg and Brad rode down to join us to enjoy a good dose of southern hospitality and shelter, as it turned out the shelter bit was pretty important as it started to piss down around 3am Friday morning and didn't stop until late Friday arvo after we got to Taylor's Arm.

Dak and the lads thought they saw a break in the weather around noon on Friday and decided to hit the road to avoid more rain and unfortunately "hit the road' proved more than just a phrase for a certain rider on a Victory Cross Roads, no names no pack drill, the good part is that the crash bars proved their worth as the Victory magestically avoided a total mud bath and simply tilted at about a 35 degree angle.

As in previous years we rode on over the Star Hotel to await the rest of the Qld contingent, this year including a great bunch of guys from the Vagabonds MC Brisbane but as we could hardly see the road in front of us we though discretion the better part of valour and went over to Taylors Arm were we found Dak, Greg and Brad up to their armpits in beer and skittles (ok there were no actual skittles but you get the idea) but they were dry which was something we were definately lacking. After hanging all our wet gear up our accomodation resembled a chinese washer womans house with hooks, nails, doorknobs and even hanging plants being used as cloths lines. We thought we had it tough what with having to ride about 80 k's in the rain till the boys from Brisbane arrived and told us they had ridden pretty much the whole way dreaming about warm skies and dry jocks. Introductions were made and we set about getting good a 'partied' BigW suggested the publican fire up the wood burning stove inside the pub which was great for us but I must admit the stench of 20 sets of wet leather jackets, boot and gloves was a bit nasty and the comment from the new 'very nice indeed' barmaid of "you guys stink" was well deserved.

Saturday dawned pretty decent although it was cloudy and as a consequence the numbers were down for the Poker Run although a special mention goes to Chery and Leon from Dr Dan's Mystery Riders form Wauchope who not only came on the ride but stayed the night in an Taj Mahal of tents all neatly packed on a dirty great trike, great to meet you guys and hope to see you again next year. The run itself was good fun as per usual with only 1 slight mishap involving a few guys riding past our stop in Bellingen not surprising really when we didn't tell em we park behind the pub hahahahahaha but never fail Swoop shot off after em (was going to make reference to fat chicks and cupcakes but that would be inappropriate) back at Taylors Arm the final cards were drawn and the winnings were handed to Brad who I believe immediately spent it all on others now that's what i call sharing the joy. We all had a feed in the Restaurant a beer or ten in the bar and Stinky Cheese fired up around 8 o'clock and as usual showed us what hillbilly rock was all about. We did our best to show some of the lads what southern hospitality is all about and i am sure whilst some will never forget the outcome some others will never remember.

Sunday came round all too soon and after saying our goodbyes to our mates, both new and old we hit the road for the long haul home. Another weekend on the road, all 1840klms of it with our mates leaves us wishing we could do it all again tomorrow. Anyhow thats it for now from Taylor's Arm 2013 and time to get ready (liver transplant etc) for Binnaway number 7.

Sons of Aus would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to the Vagabonds MC Brisbane it is rare indeed to meet men such as you and we are proud to count you amoungst our friends and look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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Sons of Aus