Ist Run to Toogoolawah

Due to Chook’s habit of sleeping in ‘anything before midday is early for him’ Noddy suggested that he stay over at his house thus ensuring Chook would be ready for the run the next day on time-ish. Mustard and his ole lady stayed over too and given that more than 3 people in one place constitutes an illegal gathering in Qld they decided that they may as well party on, so it was tea and crumpets all round…..till 9pm anyway. Hey be fair Mustard is as old as Methuselah and those of you that have met him will not disagree that he needs his beauty sleep hahahahaha.

Saturday dawned bright and clear and after getting Chook outta bed and Mustard outta his ole lady (god bless Viagra) they headed off to Park Ridge Tavern which was setup as the kick-off point with our ultimate destination being the Toogoolawah Hotel in, you guessed it Toogoolawah. With around 30 bikes showing up it was going to be a good day indeed, particular thanks go to Mark from the UMCQ and the Misfits, BACA and Celtic Warlocks for their support as well as all those solo riders in attendance and finally thanks to our Straße Besatzung (Road Crew) for drinking copious amounts of grog and taking some excellent photos and even some video (he’s getting better you know) although for the sake of my eyes I wish he’d stop doing both at the same time.

As with all good runs libations were needed on the way to the Toogoolawah Hotel so the pack stopped at the Dugandan, Walloon hotels and the Lowood Tavern and then on to the Coominya Hotel before finally reaching our destination. When it came to leave the Coominya pub a rather inebriated local asked if one of the boys could take him to Esk, no small ask either as Esk was 30 k’s away, in the wrong bloody direction. Charlie offered this fella a lift on his Rocket while said drunk proceeded to instruct Charlie on the correct method of riding his bike, why is it that every old fart in Australia “used to ride a Trumpy back in the day” I dunna about you but who else would give drunk a lift ’30 k’s out of his way’ other than a biker, so onya Charlie. Charlie eventually caught up with the boys at Toogoolawah where he regaled everyone with the antics of his co-pilot.

Ah my precious

The only hiccup was one guy running out of juice near Lowood but Mustard organised some for him so all was good on that front and proved to be the only mishap on what was a great day for riding but then every day is a great day for riding right. Mark from the UMCQ ponied up for a BBQ at the Toogoolawah Hotel which was welcomed by all and consumed quicker than a virgin at a love in, so once again Mark thanks. Toogoolawah may be a one horse town but it (the horse) must have been scared off by the bikes as we didn’t see it, the horse that is, although Mustard ate like one but luckily his personal hygiene habits are better than said horse and he didn’t drop a steaming pile either in the pub or the street.

The pub put on a band, Retro Stereo which rocked on into the night, they took a quick break whilst some of the locals lined up for the ‘Ugly as a Hatful’ comp but they were to be disappointed as Noddy took out all 3 places, and before you ask how!! Have you seen Noddy? So anyhow the run ended on great note (see the musical reference there, god I’m clever) and a damn fine day was had by all. Thanks again to everyone for making this run a success and see ya on the next one.

And finally, remember the UMCQ (United Motorcycle Council Qld) and the USCQ (United Social Clubs Qld) are here to fight for the rights of ALL bikers so get off yer arse and help protect our lifestyle.


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