SoA Veterans Day Run to Murrurundi (VMC Pearlbrook) 2017

Scruff from down Nowra way organised this "Pearler" Pun intended. Walter one of our latest Kandidats (onya Walter) rode up from Victoria on the Wednesday and stayed overnight at Casa-Del-Scruffy for some well earned rest and of course tea and bickies with the lads kicking off their jaunt Northwest early on Thursday morning. They traveled up towards Sydney where they picked up Fence and headed on to pick up the Sons Elder Statesman Ding on that orrible Pennant Hills Road. They were running perfectly on time, until that is they zigged when they should have zagged and ended up 30klms from where there should have been, needless to say they backtracked and eventually met up with Ding who simply smiled shook his head and no doubt thought "you dickheads" LOL.

They had a bit of a chin wag and then set off for a night in Hell ah I mean the White Hart Hotel (more about that later), upon hitting the freeway they noticed the rather pretty and numerous NSW Highway Patrol units doing their level best to keep all road users safe whilst handing out as many "invites" to the Police ball as possible.   One of these rainbow coalition vehicles had a rather nice spot all picked out on the centre island, no doubt so he wouldn't get in anyone's way and could make sure those nasty cage drivers didn't try to turn our boys into bonnet ornaments and to that end he decided the best thing to do was to catch up and follow the lads, as closely as possible and to "keep them safe" I need not mention that as the boys were traveling at the speed limit this whalloper must have traveled slightly in excess of that to catch them eh, but hey who am I to judge. The lads finally picked up Heir Dingo and the southern crew rode on without further incident or assistance from Mr Plod in said Rainbow Coalition car, seems the cops fully support Same Sex Marriage eh.

When the lads arrived in Murrurundi they were met by our local Crew and the numbers swelled to 13, all staying at the aforementioned hellhole the White Hart Hotel, henceforth and forever to be referred to the "Shithole". Now it seems that the new owner of the "Shithole" is not exactly biker friendly and whilst he was happy to take the boys money he was less than hospitable as he decided that he would , close early, lock the doors, shut down the wood fire and turn the central heating off (me thinks he was trying to tell you something boys). The "Shithole" will never feature on our list of Xmas cards recipients nor shall we ever darken his doorway again, funny but we always try to support small towns and smaller pubs but behaviour and attitude such as that gives us the distinct impression that he is either:

  • A prick
  • Brain damaged: or
  • Both of the above
  • That night they were joined by a couple members of the NSW chapter of the VMC and spent the night consuming vast quantities of alcohol and having a feed at the previously mentioned "Shithole". The next morning, with some nursing soft heads and bitter memories they headed over to Wingen (pronounced Whingen) and yes there was...... whingen that is.  Once again the lads were forced, by law, it's true I swear it, to spend their money on the demon drink. The Vets had organised a bus to come out and pick up the lads to take them over to their Club grounds to avoid any issues with drinking and riding, thanks heaps go to the Vets for that service it was greatly appreciated. Upon arrival at Pearlbrook Scruff presented the NSW Chapter of the Veterans MC with an inscribed and illuminated bottle from the Sons (see photo above) these bottles are excellent and are 100% due to the talent of our lad Scruff (thanks mate). The gift was well received by the VMC whilst some others looked on with envious eyes and no doubt thinking how they could get Scruff to do one for them (hint - nudity of pertee young thangs will help lol) everyone had a great night night and all were on their best behaviour, thanks you know who you are hahahahahhahaha

    The bus took the lads back to the "shithole" for the night and with Saturday morning dawning bright and clear the lads mounted up and rode over to Pearlbrook to find a place to kick back, or in Trev's case, our other new Kandidat to lay his bike down for a little nap as it seems he was unsure what to do with that thing they call a side stand. 16:00 came around the VMC held a very emotional service in remembrance of those that fought, suffered and died in Vietnam in general and Long Tan in particular.

    After the service most members headed back to the "Shithole" and settled in for the night. They met a very interesting local that appeared to be off his chops and after he regaled them with stories of past deads, some however may have been more phsycosis than factual, whilst he valiantly fought off  the myriad interruptions to his drug adled stories he was asked "do you smoke crack?" this question was met with complete silence for what seemed like minutes but then he replied “sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, no use lying” this of course caused some to cry whilst I am sure with others a "little bit of piss" popped out.

    The following morning the lads said there goodbyes and headed off to their respective homes, some traveling significantly more than others but all having a blast despite the "Shithole's" best efforts to do otherwise. The weekend bought the Sons two new Kandidats, so welcome lads and and another great trip was had by all and we'' see you all on the road soon.

    Copulater Gutter.

    P.S sorry about the lack of photos but as they say if there's no photo there's no evidence LOL

    Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate