Sons of Aus are a group of social riders that have no formal affiliation with any Organisation.


We have NO hidden agendas in fact no agenda at all, because agendas require organisation and forethought and thinking is tough so fuck it.

We get asked all the time "what's the idea behind S-o-A".

In an attempt to give you some idea about what we're about we have put together a list of things below.

Sons of Aus get together from across Australia a few times a year to ride, talk shit and party. We generally don't see each other much but when we do it's always a blast. We have no formal allegiance to any particular Club or organisation and as such feel at ease with everyone that treats each individual with the respect they deserve. 

On the issue of the new anti-association laws being enacted in most States of Australia.  We would like to publically declare that these laws are draconian and ill-considered and we, Sons of Aus are:


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my closest Chapter?
S-o-A has no Chapters nor Branches.

Who do you support?
Who ya got? If there's a Show on that looks good we'll be there, if there's a ride going that looks like fun we'll be there, if there's a bare bones rally somewhere that takes our fancy we'll be there irrespective of who is running it. We have no politics, no bias, no issues and no bullshit.

What is the point of S-o-A?
To RIDE and to PARTY and to RIDE some more

Who is your President?
Don't have one nor any office bearers.

Where can I see your By-laws and Rules
After some consideration the lads decided we needed a couple of rules, so here they are:

  1. Must be male
  2. Must own a motorcycle that can keep up (No matter what you may believe Scooters ARE NOT motorcycles)
  3. Must able to handle your bike
  4. Must NOT be a cockhead

Thats is pretty much it really, there are no other rules except those made up on the spot at 3 in the morning after spending too long in the "The Cupboard"

How do I contact SoA?
If you have burning questions that just can't wait address them to

We are more than happy to have a drink and a ride with anyone 'once' but before talking to any of us make sure you are all good with Rule number 4.

If you aint interested in putting in the effort speak to someone else