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Boatees - Refos - Queue Jumpers - Asylum Seekers

What's in  a name? it was Shakespeare that said "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet" but I wonder what he would call the people attempting to make their way illegally to our shores, tourists perhaps? I'll get to the legality or indeed lack of it later so hang on nah bugger it I'll get to that now the Oxford Dictionary defines Illegal as an adjective "contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law" or as a noun "an illegal immigrant" a chiefly North American term, so there you go!! the debate is concluded, if they're here through legitimate means and here for legitimate reasons then by all means make yourself at home but if your here through less than legal means without passports etc and don't come via legitimate means you are, by definition, an illegal and subsequently NOT BLOODY WELCOME.

I must say this is one issue that seems to have plenty of people talking and sodall of em actually saying anything about it. When I refer too plenty of people I am indeed referring to knobends like Julia Bloody Gillard, a woman I personally wouldn't want running a chook raffle but to be fair who else have we got? Ah yes of course theres Mr Tony Abbott, a politician who's only policy it would seem, is to disagree with everything that comes out of Julia's mouth and pretty much bugger all else. And then of course we have the refugee advocates who believe that we (Australians) should open our borders to all who wish to come here and just believe that they are fleeing persecution in their homeland because---well---you---see the 'refugees' are honest, after all everyone always tells the truth, especially those with the most to hide. never mind though because on the up side Scientific studies have shown that Santa Claus really does exist or at least it seems very probable that some semblance of his likeness appeared somewhere at sometime.

We see on the news that this group or that group of misunderstood refugees wants nothing more than feel safe and secure as they are fleeing the evil tyrant (insert name) that wants to kill them. We are aware that many have mobile phones that work in Australia! that means they have had their Mbl provider set up their account for international roaming. Now given there is no duty free store on board the boats they had the phones and cards in the country of origin, terrified people rarely stop to check their mobile phone is set up to work in Australia but our Government researchers seem to have overlooked this fairly obvious evidence that they might actually be fleeing for no better reason than a improved financial bottom line.

So we send em off to a Detention Centre in some hell hole like Christmas Island and that means some of the phones wont have any service and will make their constant calls to supporters and advocates kind of difficult for them...oh boo bloody hoo.  The Australian Parliament and that includes BOTH sides of the fence know exactly what's  happening in detention centres do not fool yourself into believing otherwise so when they insist they don't know they are either blatently lying or simply incompetent and should be removed from their jobs because managing these issues is a huge Project and it would be micro managed.  If  I or any other sensible person was to run a project involving so many people I would want to know every detail that is the responsibility of the Project Manager and that is just what Politicians are.....just jumped up Project managers.   If you believe and more importantly trust the Refugee advocates they will tell you all of these poor people are genuine and seeking nothing more than a better life in our country, although I must admit that that some have a funny way of showing it. Whilst we reward inventive thinking in Aus it doesn't stretch so far as to include home made (or in this case detention centre made explosive devices) designed to kill and maim.

I have a simple policy, you come to Australia illegally then you wait and when it can be ascertained that you are genuine and no threat to my way of life, I will then, and only then, accept you be allowed to leave the detention centre and even then on a system akin to parole, call it probation if you like and if you stuff up (criminal conviction) it's back to where-ever you came from champ NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Recently we have been inundated with media snippets telling us how some of these so-called refugees seem to have heaps of money and may in fact not be real refos after all, who woulda guessed eh? Here's a news flash it doesn't take Einstein to work out that real refugees don't have expensive clothes, can't afford, apparently the tens of thousands of dollars for near suicidal boat trips (although given the apparent crappiness of these boats not many actually seem to sink) and certainly don't have mobile phones nor the contact numbers of refugee advocacy organisations. The real refugees are like always, those poor sods who can't afford to get out and who are stuck to deal with the violence and death on a daily basis. The poor are always the first casualties of war with the rich startin it and stepping back to allow the loonies to take over till everybody runs out of bombs or indeed it becomes unpalatable on a policital level "Vietnam anyone".  On a side note do you know that the majority of the Worlds opium comes from Afghanistan and under the Taliban it was illegal to grow Opium Poppies (punishable by death) and as a result the Opium trade from that region dwindled but since the West kicked out the Taliban Opium, once again, is that countries biggest export. Gotta love a good democracy or in this case even a bad one but let's not forget the free trade , now the junkies can get cheap herion again and everyones happy right!

You want to see real refugees? duck over to the interestingly named Democratic Replublic of Congo to see real suffering but how many refugees come from Congo? No idea? I would put money on the fact that of the last 500 boats that arrived in Aus not 1 contained anyone from that region. You want to see real human rights abuses? you only have to travel as far as Indonesia for a big helping of Human rights HAHAHA. But how does the Australian Government deals with these recalcitrants on our doorstep, do they say "oh bad Indonesia no more aid for you" or do they say heres another $2 billion (paid between 2005 and 2010) in aid. Here is a country that has a man that who was heavily involved in the bali bombings free to walk around. His Government thumbs it's collective noses at ours and ours, is too weak kneed to stand up and say 'Piss off'. We have seen recently the images of australian beef being treated in a less than humane way, there is is no way that the Deptartment involved knew nothing! that sort of answer reminds of what citizens that lived near 'Camps' all over the world have said, that 'didn't know what went on there' That, was then, as it is now and, will always be........bullshit.

Quick how too list

  • Get on facebook and look up people smuggler
  • Pay people smuggler $50,000 each (apparently)
  • Get Refugee Advocates phn number of your brothers, friends, sister who came to Australia last year
  • Ring Advocate and tell them when your 'Boat comes in'
  • Land (remember look sad)
  • Once you've cleared your medical and dental check you will be checked into your room
  • You will probably have to share the room with others sorry (But hey the up side is there will not be 60 of you on a leaky boat with no food)
  • You may be in the camp for a while but if you want to get out quicker go on strike or burn shit, you wont get into trouble the 'Advocate' will look after you
  • Be patient you will get out (unless of course you really are an arsehole and then tough shit)
  • When you get out you just have to do ONE thing

    Till next time, keep the rubber side down keep ya bags dry and remember

    Sons of Aus - PROUD TO ASSOCIATE -

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