Firstly I wish to pass on my and all SoA condolences to Steve Hill's family and friends on his untimely passing. Steve was the owner of one of our favourite country pubs we have been stopping at for the last 7 years and he will be sadly missed

What the Fuck

Hey trendsetters I'm back, "back from where?" I hear you eagerly are eagerly asking aren’t you? anyhow it's none of your business but suffice to say I've Binnaway and no NOT Queensland 'VLAD' been away just Binnaway.

Now I hope you've all had yer Wheaties and are ready for my monthly-ish rant and rant this month is certainly what it shall be. I just had a discussion, well discussion is not quite the right term to be fair (he talked, then I thought "you're a fuckwit" he talked some more and I confirmed Yep he is a fuckwit) with a senior public servant today and a couple of flow on conversations with others and to my surprise the only one that was not small minded and ready to swallow the media crap about nasty bikies taking over the world which of course seems to be the staple diet of the media and some pollies at the moment was actually an ex-member of the Qld Police Service with 24 years’ service I was gobsmacked to say the least, I was gunna say blown away but well to be fair saying you were blown away by a cop would lead to concern and or confusion and to say I was blown by a copper could be even more confusing I guess but eminently more fun (hey any port in a storm). The way it is told by them is that every single person in Australia wearing a patch is a criminal plain and simple. We've got knobs on the telly in such high calibre shows as Current Affair, Today Tonight and let’s not forget the latest pack of incontinent dribblers on "The Project" saying it's true so it must be eh. I'll give ya a Project ya overly politically correct bunch of soft cocks who for some strange reason actually think that we the people listen and believe what they say! (Sadly many nancy boys See average 2014 male wearing paisley shirts and girls’ underwear do) Told ya I was ranting today eh.

Anyhow on with the show, now where was I???? hmmmmm that's right we are force fed what in any other circumstances and said about any other sector of the general community would be considered under law to be defamation or slander You see under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and have been made to someone other than the person defamed. Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel. So when pollies call Club members criminals, even though those members have not actually been convicted of committing any criminal offence is in effect breaching the law with regards to slander/libel. I ask, where are the civil liberties squawkers eh? They are off bangin on about the rights of some towel headed drongo screaming racism cos society won’t let him beat his wife because someone looked at her bed sheets hangin on the line.

Defamation, per se has four (4) categories of slander that are actionable they are:
  • accusing someone of a crime;
  • alleging that someone has a foul or loathsome disease;
  • adversely reflecting on a person's fitness to conduct their business or trade; and
  • imputing serious sexual misconduct.

    Here again, the plaintiff needs only prove that someone had published the statement to any third party. No proof of special damages is required.

    Idiots in ties and women with moustaches (Sorry Tracey but it had to be said) on telly can actually, under the guise of reporting defame/slander bikies/clubbies and walk away scott free. By calling people criminals because they are members of a Motorcycle Club whether that person has any history of criminal behaviour is surely a breach the law under section 1 above. (Point here for those few reading this, if those affected tried suing their accusers under the current libel/slander laws as they stand they would, in my humble opinion be successful. The accusers MUST be attacked legally and that will shut them up quick smart, once outside of Parliament they have no privilege and are subject to the same laws as everyone else....kinda) No point fighting the idea of making Clubs illegal, that will be a never ending hole which you will simply fill with money which is a bit like a swimming pool a boat or a Shovelhead come to think of it hahahahahaha yeah been there done that :(

    Now back to what started this rant, god I gotta get some Ritalin (I don't have ADHD or maybe I do hahahahahaha) yes back to the crux, oh I do like that word (for god's sake get on with it Sarge G)

    I made a point at work about how you were far less likely to get anything stolen at a bike show/rally or event than you were in the average public service workplace. This pleb agrees, stands up and says "my friend had her bike stolen by an organised crime gang at a Ulysses rally" I immediately thought shit the organised crime taskforce is now impounding bikes when people are attending rallies, turns out he meant some nefarious characters had attended the show and apparently stolen a number of bikes. I then asked what he meant by organised crime gangs and he inflated his little pigeon chest and proudly declared as if he knew categorically "why bikie gangs of course" I asked on what basis he made this statement to which he replied "they're all criminals everybody knows it" this of course went on for a while and whilst his answers were all in the same vain when asked how many 'bikies' he knew or what evidence he himself had to backup those inflammatory and slanderous statements his answer was of course "none" when questioned why he believed this drivel to be true he simply said "everyone knows it" and therein lay the problem my friends EVERYONE knows it!!!!! Whether it is true or not is simply in Joe Publics eyes not relevant. There is no requirement for truth or evidence though when EVERYONE knows it.

    In this persons humble opinion for what it's worth, Clubs and individuals must stop working independently and spending mountains of money to fight singular actions taken out against them, I believe they must undertake a Class Action to spread the costs and increase their chances. Going after individual pollies and reporters for blatantly defaming people will prove quite easy really as the law is actually there to protect you (I know it doesn’t seem like it).

    I have one final thing to say this month and that is

    Bike Clubs of all denominations have a lot to offer and should be there to enjoy bikes, riding and brotherhood, it really is that simple.

    Reiten Macht Frei (look it up) I'm off for a ride cya.