Not in ‘those’ clothes you don't

My son is a Naval Cadet (recently promoted, onya son) and I have taken to calling him Admiral, the other day I said he needed to get his uniform ready and as I was riding that day he replied jokingly "so do you ya dirty bikie" referring of course to my riding gear and the usual attire found on your average "dirty bikie" boots (worn), jeans (damaged), t-shirt & vest (no HD eagle or logo embossed on back FFS) etc. It got me to thinking about the way people see you based on what you wear and not necessarily based on any personal knowledge of the individual or indeed in some cases despite it. My first experience with this kind of stereotypical discrimination and yes my friends that is exactly what it is, discrimination but one that is not only ignored by every law in this country but actively encouraged by the very people that are charged to uphold it. As I was saying my first experience was way back in 1983 and it occurred just outside of North Richmond NSW, my mate Mick and I were out for a blast and had stopped on the side of the road for a rest and a smoke when old farmer Joe came up to the road. We were just having a smoke (the legal kind) and he says "what are you to doing here" to which I looked at my smoke, looked at him and immediately thought it was clear what we were doing and he was obviously seriously retarded but to amuse him I said "havin a smoke, why?" He let us know that we should finish up and move on or he would call the cops as we were obviously up to no good and that his goods & chattels including his ugly old fat arsed wife were in danger of being stolen or otherwise interfered with by us filthy bikies and yes he did actually call us filthy and to think I had had a shower that very week. I let him know that he should call the cops and that he could, as politely as possible go fuck himself. As he stormed back inside mentioning somethin about cops and/or shotguns Mick looked at me a said "we better go" I said "no bloody way" to which he responded saying no "we gotta go I aint got a licence" damn foiled again, fancy riding around without a licence? Clearly this is just the sort of reprehensible behaviour the Government are so scared of .

Over the years there have several instances is similar behaviour, most commonly after you have been on the road all day you stop in some small town like Bumfuck Qld and walk into a little hotel that gets 3 people a year staying there but when you ask for a room they are miraculously FULL or in one town I remember on a trip across from Sydney to Adelaide, we decided to have a break in Mildura 'not to mention any names' as we pulled into the carpark the No Vacany sign lit up as if by magic. It was a lot harder back in the eighties and early nineties to find accommodation in some of these small towns and many a night was spent sleeping on the side of the road somewhere but then you could always rely a good supply of 'premium' tobacco to ease your sore muscles and make sleeping on a rock surprising comfortable and warm until morning anyway when you could hardly move due to the aforementioned rock proving not quite so comfortable after all. Thankfully people have come to realise that we are mostly only dirty from riding all day and we are not dope crazed mass rapists looking for a group of local schoolgirls to defrock. I have noticed though that since the advent of RUBS or Rich Urban Bikers (who are a bit like 4 wheel drive owning soccer mums from Toorak) it has become a bit more difficult for the average hotelier to tell us apart so a quick personal thanks must go here to all those old accountants and dentists for listening to Willy G and handing over their (I'd say hard earned but that may be a stretch) money to buy their own piece of freedom. Not to mention the bad arse attitude in a box with their lovely matching boots, chaps (don't get me started on chaps) and vests these days motels/hotels just see dollars instead of trouble and some even have actively started touting for Biker business. A BIG cheers goes to Bombala in Southern NSW as the whole town is biker friendly and have gone so far as to run the annual Celebration of Motorcycles, now simply called the Bombala Bike Show which is in it's 22nd year and where the whole show is staffed by volunteers and all money raised goes to the local community. I have been going to this event for over 10 years and never seen any serious trouble related to it, which is not something you can say about the local rugby league and union teams annual Xmas parties.

So fast forward to the 21st century and what has happened to all that good will? It seems it has gone down the shitter because the Pollies and the Coppers have decided and want everyone to believe that all ‘dirty bikies’ are indeed dope crazed gangsters hell bent on the destruction of everything they hold dear. I am not naïve enough to even contemplate the idea that all bikers are squeaky clean (shit I'm not) or indeed gullible enough to swallow the ‘we’re just about bikes and mates’ spiel that some high profile people suggest but neither are we all rampant drug manufacturing, gun running loonies either. Like every facet of society there are good and bad guys who ride bikes but to imply that simply wearing the accoutrements of a ‘bikie’ make you somehow a criminal is not only incorrect, ill-considered and bordering on the comic it is just simply wrong. I nor any of the guys I ride with have ever been convicted of anything more heinous than Drink Driving and in one case owning an unregistered rifle that’s it. Am I saying we are squeaky clean pinup boys for Pig’s Monthly of coarse not! But whilst many of us party pretty hard very few would ever do anything that would intentionally harm anyone else, unless of course some pissed wanker gobs off at 2am when he should be at home with his mum but that’s a different story.

I have seen the current trend for ‘No Colours’ in the Cross and several night clubs in the cities, after a discussion with a 1%er friend he told me how the bans had extended to the country and venues he been going to for years would no longer let him enter simply on the basis of his ‘uniform’ and recently when in Canberra one nightclub actually has a sign on the door that says


So for those of you who said it would never happen to us and then of course those that said ‘they’ are only targeting bikies can now see first hand that under the eyes of the law it is NOT possible to single certain individuals but must encapsulate all citizens and subject them to the same ill considered laws. it was 'Bikies' first and when they tire with us they will turn their sights on some other group thinking to mind their own business and do their own thing.

Well nuff for now I’m off to put on my uniform and scare some stooopid civilians, Copulater