The Public WHAT!!!

First things first....Public - Concerning the people as a whole....Service - the action of helping
Therefore Public Service - The act of helping the people as a whole (Oxford Dictionary 2013)

Now thats out of the way I can get to the crux of this rant and you guessed it, it's about that erstwhile institution The Public Service or rather certain aspects of it. I need to point out early that all facets of the Public Service are vital and before you start calling me a knob and say "bullshit" sit back and think about what the term the "Public Service" actually includes, here's a list that is by no means exhaustive but gives you quick idea:
  • Military forces
  • Hospitals and other Medical facilities
  • Ambulance
  • Police (I know I know)
  • Roads
  • Rail
  • So it's election time and we have all sides of politics telling how good they are and how bad everyone else is, without of course having to provide any evidence of their claims. Apparently the basis of our legal system in this country does not apply to politicians, let's not forget that no matter how they like to be referred too they are nothing more than Public Servants sucking at the teat of society. We pay their wages and their obscene allowances and they repay us with misdirection and outright blatant lies, no side is worse or better than the other they are all nothing but oxygen thieves in this writers humble opinion. Thank bananas (I was going to say god but that opens a can of worms I really don't want to get into. As to offend the wrong religious fruitloop will see a bomb through the window, not that I am referring to any particular breed of nutter as a bomb-chucker mind you) our Feral Erections only run for a few weeks, unlike the septics who like the idea of spending over $600 million to get someone elected yep that's right the Yanks spent $600,000,000 just to get Obama elected not to do anything other that- I ask you if you were in a position to spend $600 Million could you think of something more important than just getting a job how about health care for a start ah well we aint part of America....yet. Anyhow after the dust settles the new Gumbyment will go about getting rid of all those petty annoyances introduced by the former incumbents like the Carbon Tax or for those more enlightened the Resource Rent Tax (although how you rent a resource is beyond me). Now the issue we have here is that for the last few years huge numbers of people in several different Government Departments have been beavering away implementing this scheme and have spent millions of dollars of taxpayers hard-earned that will now effectively be flushed down the crapper. To implement these great ideas take time and more importantly a LOT of money and all of that expence is borne by you and me and you say "hooray" the tax is going to be canned but what many do not realise that you cannot simply turn it off as it were, all of the changes to Law and IT Systems need to be reversed costing almost as much as the development in the first place. In the case of the Carbon Tax it cost millions to implement with apparently no return and will now cost millions to remove and do the Pollies tell you they have just wasted in excess of $10,000,000 to achieve sweet fuck-all? NO is the simple answer.

    We see on the tellie campaigns about how many Public Servants will get the chop, axed, fired (pick a term) yet the reality is these people will NOT be sacked but they will be given very attractive voluntary redundancy packages and I guarantee that the figure of 12,000 touted in those ad's will not be enough to cope with the demand. Did you know that if you get a package from the Federal Govt today you can go to work for the State Govt tomorrow with no issue what so ever and trust me getting jobs in the APS is not as hard as you might think, just be prepared to start on a short term contract at a lower level and your in like Flynn. Don't get me wrong the financial cost to a town where thousands of people become 'unemployed' at the same time can be horrendous take Canberra (please) for example they have a workforce of around 150,000 so if you remove 8% of that financial base then everyone suffers, from the local coffee shop to big end retailers but don't fret trendsetters those impacts are short lived as the majority of those people will end up back in the financial stream sooner or later and those that don't were slated for retirement anyway.

    I am not here to bash Public Servants, although there are some I would like to take a whip and a chair too and I am sure that some of them are hard working people but in general from my experience the APS is loaded with whinging soft cocks that complain about the most banal things like "it's too cold in the office" or "the drink machine is out of Coke" or "what shall we have a morning tea for this week". I swear (true I do...a lot) if they ever had to get a real job and experience life outside of cotton wool confines of the APS they could not cope. Likewise if the Public Service was ever to be run like a business half the staff would be fired tomorrow without the opportunity to ever return.

    In closing, we, as a society are stuck with this dinosaur for ever or until we find a politician brave enough to make some serious changes only problem with that of course is the second they make those changes the APS will band together and ensure that pollie never runs anything more important than a chook raffle in the future. Don't fool yourself Australia, like every other country, is run by the APS not by those bug-eyed, cloth eared, knob gobblers you only ever see at election time telling you all the great things they can do for you if only you elect to another 3 years in power.

    If you are interested in Government mismanagement, Freedom of Speech (which is not free) and ridiculous taxes do yourself a favour and have gander at Topher and have a look at his videos The Forbidden History of Unpopular People, The Forbidden History of Terrible Taxes and soon to be released The Forbidden History of Gargantuan Government, they are funny, scary and highly enlightening.

    So until next time ride safe and enjoy your freedom while you can I'm off to afternoon tea and a skulk in the kitchen.

    Sons of Aus - PROUD TO ASSOCIATE -