This page will grow over time, pretty much when ever Sarge wakes up with a bee up his arse he'll scratch his thoughts out and we'll put em up for him.

The thoughts expressed (if you want to call em that) are his alone and given the fact he is highly unstable...well you make up your own mind ok

Issue - 01 The general ramblings of Sgt Chuck Fart
Issue - 02 Politicians:- Should we feed em?
Issue - 03 When is enough enough?
Issue - 04 Robyns' Plan!! (Don't bitch to me if you don't agree)
Issue - 05 Don't say the 'R' Word
Issue - 06 It's True - They said so
Issue - 07 Not dressed like that you don't
Issue - 08 The Public WHAT!!!
Issue - 09 True LOVE
Issue - 10 WTF
This IS THE ISSUE!!!!!! This is my thing. Simple - your choice