The following photos have been supplied by Noddy.
If you meet him say he is friendly enough BUT don't feed him after midnight and never I repeat NEVER give him alcohol.

You know some people we meet think that riding a big expensive bike ( but only when it's sunny) makes you a biker.
Well to be honest we couldn't give a big fat rats arse about the rich wannabe's that like to tell us about their squillion dollar wheels.
I prefer to raise a glass with the real deal, the guys who've ridden everything from chook chasers to ratty old Yammies. You know the guys I mean.
The following photos are of Noddy a real biker who know's what's what. ONYA Noddy oh and no I aint gunna tell what the bikes are you figure it out.
One more thing I aint gunna appologise for the grainy photos either, not a lot of digital cameras in the 70's

Noddy in En-Zud with Burt Munroe's
Worlds Fastest Indian-

Sons of Aus - PROUD to Associate